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MJSA Heads Metals Task Force Reviewing FTC Guides

Following the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) recent announcement that it will review its Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metal, and Pewter Industries, MJSA is joining with other industry associations to provide the FTC with recommended updates. As part of that effort, MJSA is heading a Metals Task Force to address such issues as quality marking for bonded and mixed metals, labeling requirements, and overall fineness standards.

The Metals Task Force includes representatives from Platinum Guild International, Jewelers of America, the Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Trade Association, Palladium Alliance International, the World Gold Council, the Silver Institute, and the Jewelers Vigiliance Committee, which is spearheading the overall effort.

The FTC review is part of the agency’s systematic updating of all its rules and guides. Such reviews are conducted every 10 years—and in the world of jewelry metals, much has changed over the past decade.

“The rise in precious metal prices has led many jewelry makers and designers to explore new, lower-cost alloys, many of which fall outside the current Guides,” says David Cochran, president/CEO of MJSA. “Silver-filled jewelry has grown in popularity, for example, and standards need to be established, just as they were for gold-filled products. We’ve also seen the resurgence of palladium in jewelry making, as well as an increase in jewelry combining precious and non-precious materials. The Guides need to encompass all of these developments.”

According to the FTC website, a review typically considers questions such as:

• Has the rule or guide been affected by any technological, economic, or other industry changes?

• What is the economic impact of the rule or guide?

• Is there a continuing need for the rule or guide?

• Are there possible conflicts between the rule or guide and state, local, or other federal laws or regulations?

The FTC is expected to issue shortly a time frame for responses. Updates will be posted on mjsa.org. For more information, e-mail MJSA or call 1-800-444-MJSA (6572).

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