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MJSA Introduces the MJSA Ambassadors

MJSA is launching the Ambassadors program to extend its outreach and fulfill its mission of advancing professional excellence.

The designation “ambassador” signifies not only dedication to MJSA and its mission, but also a commitment to helping MJSA fulfill that mission by connecting members, addressing their questions about the association, and extending the association’s outreach. In so doing, the MJSA Ambassadors will be strengthening the association as a whole.

The program is open to any member who wants to take a more active role in furthering MJSA’s initiatives. The first MJSA Ambassadors are MJSA members Ann Arnold of Arnold Advisory Group LLC, Norwood, New Jersey; Ted Doudak of Riva Precision Manufacturing, Brooklyn, New York; Lee Krombholz of Krombholz Jewelers/Just Like You Designs, Cincinnati; and Michael Toback of Myron Toback Inc., New York City.

To learn more, contact our member services manager, Travis Searle, at 1-800-444-MJSA (6572) or travis.searle@mjsa.org.

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