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New MJSA Benefit Features Renowned Experts Offering Discounted Business Consultations

Every business, at some point, can benefit from outside advice and expertise—a consultant with fresh, informed insights, who can spot opportunities as well as pitfalls, unsnarl tangled communications and procedures, and "tune up" an operation so that’s it’s humming. Now MJSA members can benefit from two such experts: Andrea Hill and Marlene Richey.

Andrea HillAndrea is the owner of StrategyWerx, a consulting firm focused on helping small-business owners succeed and prosper. She is renowned for making the most complex business subjects understandable (“We speak strategeze, brandeze, marketeze, and all dialects of computereze,” she says), and her expertise extends into such areas as strategic development, lean manufacturing, leadership development, and strategic measurement. Prior to forming StrategyWerx, she was the CEO of the Bell Group/Rio Grande, one of the jewelry industry’s leading suppliers. MJSA members receive a 25 percent discount off regular rates for the first six hours of consulting, plus free access to Andrea’s business articles for MJSA Journal.

Marlene RicheyIn a career spanning several decades, Marlene has run an award-winning design firm, operated a retail gallery, participated in hundreds of jewelry and craft trade shows, and served on the boards of several industry organizations. She now uses that experience to help jewelry artisans and designers take their own businesses—wholesale and retail—to the next level, offering sound guidance and advice. She specializes in helping her clients develop inspired marketing and sales strategies, from basic branding campaigns to instore events and trade show planning. MJSA members receive a 20 percent discount off regular rates. They can also purchase Marlene’s award-winning book Profiting by Design: A Jewelry Maker’s Guide to Business Success (MJSA Press) at a 15 percent discount.

To learn more, e-mail Travis Searle, MJSA Membership Manager, or call 1-800-444-MJSA, ext. 3024.. 

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