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Portland Jewelry Symposium Features MJSA Director of Public Affairs

MJSA Director of Public Affairs Peggy Jo Donahue will address the Portland Jewelry Symposium on Oct. 7, providing the audience of custom jewelers, designers, and retail store owners an update on coming changes to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals, and Pewter Industries. (MJSA, along with other associations, contributed to joint submissions to the FTC concerning changes to the Jewelry Guides.)

Donahue will also address issues surrounding the regulations governing use of the terms such as “Made in the USA.” MJSA is currently reviewing the proposed changes it plans to submit to the FTC’s Complying with the Made in USA Standard.

The Sixth Annual Portland Jewelry Symposium, a yearly educational event held in Portland, Oregon, will take place at the Governor Hotel on October 6-7. The event kicks off with a Sunday evening dinner and keynote address, featuring designer Henry Dunay. A full-day conference on Monday includes a variety of speakers and topics:

• Steve Adler of A3DM Technologies Corp. will provide an update on 3D printing for jewelry.

• Designer Lisa Jenks will talk about silver jewelry.

• Jeweler Lee Krombholz of Krombholz Jewelers and Just Like You Designs will perform a live bench demo, as will jewelers Tim Green and Jo Haemer of Timothy W. Green.

• Andrea Hill of  StrategyWerx will talk about the business side of jewelry.

• Eric Braunwart of Columbia Gem House will share his work in promoting and supplying fair trade gemstones.

• Eugene Brill of Rio Grande will talk about Internet marketing.

• Donna DeLucia of John C. Nordt Co. will address hot deformation bonding.

MJSA is a sponsor of the event.

For registration and travel/hotel details visit www.portlandjewelrysymposium.com.

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