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Coverage That Brings Peace of Mind

All businesses know they must prepare for the unexpected. If losses occur, whether through theft, natural disaster, or any other type of catastrophe, they need to know that their merchandise, their inventory, their employees and their customers are properly protected.

That’s why, to ensure its members have the best coverage, MJSA has exclusively endorsed Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company’s commercial and personal jewelry insurance products.

Founded by jewelers in 1913, Jewelers Mutual (JM) remains the leading insurer solely dedicated to insuring jewelry and the jewelry industry. MJSA members can access various JM coverage options for their business; for more information, click here.

Plus, all MJSA members receive a complimentary subscription to JM University, Jewelers Mutual’s virtual classroom. There you will find two interactive security courses: Selling with Security for retail staff, and Danger on the Road: Traveling with Jewelry for anyone who travels with jewelry, whether as an on-the-road sales rep or a sales associate taking jewelry to the post office or repair shop. MJSA members and their employees can take these courses anytime, at work or at home, by going to JMUniversity.com and entering the association’s promotional code, which can be obtained from MJSA.

To learn more, e-mail the Jewelers Mutual Sales and Marketing Department or call representatives at 1-800-558-6411.

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MJSA Advantage

MJSA members can access exclusive informational and marketing benefits, from free promotional placements to information research services.