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MJSA New York State Workers Compensation Safety Group

MJSA members in New York State have a secret weapon their competitors can’t get: the association’s New York State Workers Compensation Safety Group. Just ask Anthony Zeni, vice president of Frederick Goldman in New York City. "Frederick Goldman has saved thousands of dollars a year by participating in the Workers Compensation Safety Group program," Zeni says. "The discounts alone make it invaluable from a financial perspective, not to mention the yearly return on dividends. It’s one of the key benefits for us in belonging to MJSA."

Run by Delores Agliata of Vanner Insurance, the program enables MJSA members in New York to receive upfront discounts of 20 percent on an already-low state assessment rate for this type of insurance. (New York State actually provides the insurance, just as regular commercial insurers would.)

The icing on the cake is the potential for group members to receive a dividend each year, rewarding the group for its commitment to safety in the workplace. Every year since its inception in 2005, the group has received dividend checks equal to a percentage of their premiums.

In addition, Safety Group members receive:

• Access to information about workers comp issues.

• Safety updates.

• Alerts about new legislation addressing workplace safety.

"There’s simply no downside," says Bob Romanoff of Romanoff International Supply Corp. in Amityville, New York. "If you’re fortunate enough to be a New York State jewelry manufacturer or supplier and a member of MJSA, you have access to a program that allows you to substantially lower your operating costs."

To get a free quote, go to vannerinsurance.com.

Members of the MJSA New York Safety Group

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Cindy Royce LLC
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Colorline Inc.
D.A. Agliata & Associates Inc.
E.N.D. Jewelry LLC
EMG Creations Inc.
Firestone Inc.
Frank Mastoloni & Sons Inc./Mastoloni Pearls
Frederick Goldman Inc.
Galaxy USA Inc.
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Key Items Inc. Galaxy USA
Leys, Christie & Co. Inc.
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Riva Jewelry Manufacturing
Rocket Red Box Inc.
Romanoff Int’l Supply Corp.
RQC Ltd.
Rudolf Friedmann Inc.
Suberi Bros.
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MJSA Membership Advantage

MJSA Advantage

MJSA members can access exclusive informational and marketing benefits, from free promotional placements to information research services.