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Bench Work Library

Note: For a full list of available articles on bench work (including those available in PDF format only), go to the MJSA Bookstore.

After Lunch A look at a lunchtime leftover can help you create a solid foundation for setting. By Alan Revere

At the Bench Maintenance Schedule A guide to keeping tools and equipment in top shape. Courtesy of Stuller Inc.

At The Bench: A Slippery Slope Securing curved stones for easy drilling. By Helen I. Driggs

At The Bench: Making Do Creating Wooden Raising Stakes. By Charles Lewton-Brain

Australian Ingenuity Tool modifications from a land down under. By Charles Lewton-Brain

Bench Organization Thrifty bench organization tips. By Patricia Tschetter

Bench Ventilation
 A step-by-step guide to designing your own bench ventilation system. By John De Rosier

Bezel Basics Tips to overcoming bezel setting obstacles. By  Joel McFadden 

Blade Smarts
 Tips for selecting the correct saw blade. By Alan Revere

Come Together 1 Tips on making rivets and cold connections. By Arthur Anton Skuratowicz

Come Together 2 More tips on making rivets and cold connections. By Arthur Anton Skuratowicz

The Comfort Zone A taping tip for ergonomic bench tools. By Helen I. Driggs

Cool Connections Tips for transforming nails into riveting tools. By Karen Christians

Creating a Fancy-Shaped Bezel
 Presenter: Ann Cahoon, Flying Marquis Studio; video shot and edited by Travis Searle; music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com

Down the Tubes Creating hollow rivets, step by step. By Helen I. Driggs

Fine Line
 Using a laser to create a minimal setting for a large gemstone. By Roland Auer

Game Changers Bench jewelers name their most valuable tools (MVTs). By Tina Wojtkielo Snyder and Shannon L. Brown

Get Your Ducks in a Row A step-by-step guide to multi-row pavé setting. By Joel McFadden

Goin’ Fishing A step-by-step guide to fishtail settings. By Joel McFadden

Golden Years
 New jobs for retired burs. By Fabio Penuela

Good Point
 Tips for sharpening and detailing a graver. By Arthur Skuratowicz

Great Beginnings Tips for transferring patterns onto wax. By Kate Wolf

Greener Bench Environmentally friendly and socially responsible shop practices. By Christine Dhein

Greener Ways 1
 How small changes at the bench can make a difference. Compiled by Shannon L. Brown

Greener Ways 2 More small changes at the bench that can make a difference. Compiled by Shannon L. Brown

Hammer It Out  Making A Romero fold brooch. by Charles Lewton-Brain

Hand in Hand 2 The second installment of a two-part series on melding Old World techniques and new technology to create an engraved man’s band. By Charlie Herner and Jason Marchiafava

Healthy Hammering
 Altering a chasing hammer for ergonomics. By Charles Lewton-Brain

Hone Your Ruby Radar Identifying characteristics of glass-filled rubies at the bench. By Arthur Anton Skuratow

Hut, Hut, Hike! Using a tripod stance for stabilizing jewelry work. By Alan Revere

In a Tight Spot A tip for polishing jewelry on the go. By Helen I. Driggs

In and Out A step-by-step guide to knitting chain. By Munya Avigail Upin

Just Gems
 A step-by-step look at crafting a pair of coral earrings with unseen settings. By Roland Auer

Keeping Tabs Floating objects in a metal frame. By Helen I. Driggs

Laundry List Tips for repurposing clothespins at the bench. By Helen I. Driggs

The Littlest Fixes Tackling chain and finding repairs head-on. by Shawna Kulpa

Made From Scratch Jewelers cook up their own tools. By Shawna Kulpa

Making a Hollow-Construction Ring
 Presenter: Chris Ploof, Chris Ploof Designs; video shot and edited by Travis Searle; music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com

Making the Cut
 Jeweler Ann Cahoon examines whether the age-old practice of using a lubricant during sawing really makes a different. By Ann Cahoon

Natural Glamour
 Setting diamond slices in stamped gold settings. By Roland Auer

New Life
 Giving new life to broken saw blades. By Christine Dhein

No Math Needed An easy way to create equal divisions. By Helen Driggs

Painting a Picture Rendering emerald cuts and heart-shaped stones. By Rémy Rotenier

Pastel Perfection
 Creating stellar prongs on a massive shank. By Roland Auer

The Perfect Polish
 Tips for hand polishing. By Jim Dailing

Piercing Discovery Repurposing saw blades. By Alan Revere

Powerful Plastic
 Creating plastic dies for small production runs. By Roland Auer

Prying Pliers
 Transforming flat-nosed pliers into prong-pulling pliers. By Jimmy Butts

Quick on the DrawA step-by-step guide to drawing and shading a round gemstone. By Rémy Rotenier

Settin’ Pretty Top tips for successful stone setting. By John Shanahan

Shop Space
 Three designers explain their shop layouts. By Shawna Kulpa

Small Wonders Quick and efficient accessories for small part pickling. By Helen I. Driggs

Something Borrowed See how three jewelers borrowed tools and equipment from other industries. By Shawna Kulpa

Split Lapping Tips for split lapping your way to a fast and effective finish. By Brett Gober

Super Tools Four designers share their favorite modified tools. By Shawna Kulpa

The Straight and Narrow An easy method for straightening wire. By Helen I. Drigg

Taste Test Determining the effectiveness of your ultrasonic. By Oliver Passe

Thai Tool Tricks Thai chasers creatively solve their tooling needs. By Charles Lewton-Brain

That’s a Wrap
 Using Tesa tape and a laser to resize eternity rings. By Roland Auer

Tool & Equipment Checkpoints Taking the guesswork out of your next investment. By Shawna Kulpa

Tooling Around A look at a few jewelers who refuse to use tools the way they were designed. By Shawna Kulpa

Unexpected Tools Non-jeweler’s tools give fabrication a new twist. By Helen I. Driggs

What’s All the Hoopla? Making hoop earrings from tubing. By Gary Dawson

White Hot 1 Tips for soldering and annealing palladium. By Chris Ploof

White Hot 2 Tips for sizing, welding, and engraving palladium. By Chris Ploof

With a Twist Optimizing a saw blade for cutting wax. By Alan Revere

Wood Craft Modifying your bench pin for maximum performance. By Charlie Herner.


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