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Three Enameling Safety Tips

Enameling is a beautiful art, but when you break it right down, it comprises three dangerous aspects: tiny glass particles, harmful fumes, and infrared radiation. Amy Roper Lyons offers three quick tips to deal with each of these.


1. When working with dry enamel powders, take care to not create dust. “I prefer wet packing as there is no dust,” Lyons says. When working, wet-wipe countertops and wet-mop your shop floor instead of vacuuming, which raises dust. Always wear a respirator when sifting enamel. Never eat or drink in the work area.


2. When firing the enamel, either in a kiln or with a torch, make sure your work area has appropriate and effective ventilation.


3. When putting work into or taking work out of a hot kiln, wear welding glasses or similarly rated eye protection to avoid eye damage from infrared radiation given off by the hot kiln.


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