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On Top: Jewelry Trends

What’s hot in gold, silver, and platinum

Compiled by Shawna Kulpa

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Update on Gold, Platinum, and Silver Markets




Flowers, Well-Done

With darker colors and heavier fabrics gracing the fall runways, Amanda Gizzi, director of public relations and special events at Jewelers of America in New York City, expects consumers to be seeking warmer jewelry styles to don with the upcoming fashions. “Designers can embrace the idea of richness and warmth by pairing yellow and rose gold with neutral color stones,” says Gizzi. “Think champagne and natural diamonds and brown and cream gemstones.”

As part of this trend, Gizzi expects the florals that have been popular through the spring and summer seasons to continue to trend but to take a darker turn. “We’re anticipating warmer flowers,” she says. “I expect flowers made of higher karat gold or paired with warm-colored gemstones. The looks will not be bright or poppy.”



Stacking the Deck

The more things change, the more they stay the same, at least when it comes to the stacking jewelry trend. “We’re not seeing that look going away,” says Gizzi.

Within the trend, Gizzi expects gold stacking ring styles to remain simple but feature an open design. “We’re seeing less of the cocktail ring look and more open ring styles.” She explains that open ring and open cuff looks have been gaining popularity with consumers because they’re comfortable, stackable, easy to wear, and easy to buy for others since sizing isn’t an issue. Expected to be most popular in white and yellow gold, the look allows for personalization and customization by featuring gemstones, pearls, or other accents on the open ends of the pieces. “Consumers are wanting something completely different than their friends,” she says.


Shooting Hoops

“As earring trends go, hoop earrings are the ones to watch for and stock up on,” says Gizzi. “They’re the new staple.” She notes that the look was frequently spotted on the fall runways. “They’re going to go well with the clothing people will be purchasing.”

The trend isn’t limited to any one color of gold or style, but Gizzi expects larger hoops with thin profiles to be leading the pack. “I think they’ll definitely be thinner but also almost shoulder length,” she says. Designers can take advantage of the trend by creating hoops in a range of finish and texture options. And don’t think this classic look can’t be customized. “You can have a simple hoop as part of your collection by finding ways to tie it into your branding,” she says. 




Keep Your Options Open

Versatility will be key for many consumers seeking platinum looks. “Consumers want to see more than one way to wear fine jewelry,” says Jill Moynihan, manager of marketing and communications for Platinum Guild International in New York City. “It goes with the whole modern woman trend—they want something easy to wear that can go from day to night. They want to get more use out of it.” Two ways to embrace the trend are with earrings and necklaces. “Earrings that can be mixed and matched are really shining through today,” she says. “Things that go together, but don’t, and earrings that can be added onto with extensions.” When it comes to necklaces, think longer. “They can be worn as one long chain, doubled up for a shorter look, or as a bracelet. People are getting creative and want pieces they can wear beyond their assumed uses.”



No One Thing for All Men

With the rise of customized jewelry, designers should be prepared to meet the needs of today’s men, who have begun spending more time selecting ring styles that are interesting and represent themselves and their style. “In the past, customized wedding rings were primarily targeted to women,” says Moynihan. “Now, men are joining the conversation.” For traditional grooms, classic styles with a twist will be best sellers. “Think a comfort fit band with an added detail, such as milgrain edging.” For men interested in more personalized styles, designers can get more creative. “Platinum rings with alternative materials such as ceramic or meteorite will be exciting.”



Pick and Choose

Platinum will continue to be a top choice for engagement and wedding bands, with halos continuing to rule the roost. “We’re seeing more variety in halo styles,” reports Moynihan. “Designers are getting creative in how they incorporate the halo look into their designs.” She cites halos featuring multiple rows of diamonds, bezel-set diamonds, or colored gemstones.

Some women have also begun foregoing traditional wedding ring styles altogether for simple bands that can be stacked or mixed and matched with other rings that are received or purchased to mark milestones. “Stackable bands continue to be on trend,” she says. Moynihan notes that she’s seeing petite and simpler platinum bands as leading the trend. “Consumers want options to grow their look as they encounter milestone events. She could have a birthstone set in a platinum band to celebrate the birth of a child, or stack it with an anniversary band. Millennial brides don’t just see them as wedding bands. They want to start with a blank slate and create their own look through life’s journey.”




Flower Power

Flower power will be alive and well among silver jewelry offerings for the foreseeable future. “Floral motifs are back, and we’re seeing them in a big way,” reports Gloria Maccaroni of the Silver Promotion Service in New York City. “We’re seeing this across the board in all types of jewelry—drop earrings, necklaces, rings, and even cuff bracelets.” Many variations of the motif are appearing, from literal interpretations with sculpted flowers to more modern and stylized takes. Expect to see a lot of color incorporated within the trend. “Designers are using different colored stones to bring out the colors of a flower, or green enamel to accentuate leaves.” Maccaroni expects the trend to continue into the New Year but believes it will then transition into a more tropical interpretation. “We expect to see the use of bolder colors in stone accents and larger pieces to interpret more tropical flowers.” 



Jump Through Hoops

Another trend making a resurgence that is expected to be around for a while are silver hoop earrings. “They’re very much happening this year, and I think we’ve just seen the beginning of this,” says Maccaroni. Larger hoops are dominating the trend, but they go beyond the classic ring shape. “There’s more of an emphasis on style and shape,” she says. “It’s not your traditional hoop earring. They could be textured, hammered, woven, or have a mesh look. Expect classic shapes interpreted in new ways with a twist, such as oval shapes.” It would be wise to embrace the trend. “We see hoops continuing to grow in popularity in 2018,” notes Maccaroni. “They’re going to be here a while.” 



Long and Lean

Short is out and long is in, at least when it comes to silver necklaces. While choker-style necklaces may have been all the rage this time last year, Maccaroni notes that since the holidays they’ve observed the return of longer necklaces and pendants, many with a geometric motif. “If you look at what’s happening with fashion, the more streamlined looks that we’ve been seeing allow for the longer pendants and chains,” she says. “Runway looks showed a lot of tribal talisman pieces, but we don’t necessarily see this in silver. We’re seeing more geometric shapes—circles, triangles. It’s very modern but at the same time classic.” She reports that while many designers are offering link chains in varying lengths, with the longer lengths the most popular. She also notes that this trend could continue as part of a multi-layering necklace trend next year.



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