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MJSA Product Showcase

MJSA Showcase

This page features the latest tools, equipment, supplies, and services for jewelry designers, manufacturers, and retailers. Please contact the MJSA members below to learn more about their offerings.

Advanced Chemical  •  Asiga
Best Cast  •  Frank Billanti Casting
eLuxe  •  Hauser & Miller  •  Inductotherm
Jewelers Mutual •  LaserStar Technologies
Legor/SilnovaMS Company
Orion WeldersTechForm Advanced Casting


Advanced Chemical

Advanced Chemical Company’s Signature Stone Removal

Acid digestion is used to remove stones from gold, silver, platinum and palladium jewelry. ACC’s collection of Acid Digestion equipment is unrivaled in the United States. Our process harmlessly removes genuine stones and reclaims all precious metals. Stones are cleaned and delivered to customers for reuse. Superior controls, highly efficient processes, and attention to detail make us uniquely qualified to serve the needs of jewelry manufacturers and retailers.

Visit www.advchem.com to view the digest video.



The Smoothest 3-D Printed Parts You’ll Ever Se!

Asiga’s line of 3D printers serve as the jewelry industry benchmark for part smoothness, detail definition, reliability and casting performance.  If you are looking for a 3D printer engineered specifically for jewelry manufacturing then take a look at Asiga’s range of precision 3D printers.  The PICO2 series priced from $6990!  Now available through Stuller Inc.

Contact: Asiga, asiga.com. See us at MJSA Expo, Booth 137.


Best Cast

Best Cast: Committed to Excellence

Since 1999, Best Cast has been leveraging state-of-the-art technology with Old World jewelry-making techniques to bring your ideas to life. Just send your sketch or image, and a Best Cast Specialist will collaborate with you to create a finished jewelry item in as little as seven days. Our commitment to excellence and customer service allows us to provide you with quality CAD models, prototypes, and precious metal castings. Ask about our Deep Laser engraving service.

Contact us at 201-225-1750 or email a Best Cast Specialist at cad@best-cast.com. See us at MJSA Expo, Booth 333.


Frank Billanti Casting

The Top Choice of the Industry’s Top Designers

Frank Billanti Casting is your ONE-STOP SHOP for every step of the jewelry production process. Partner with us and we’ll help you get to the top! We are a FULL SERVICE jewelry producton house in the heart of Manhattan. We do it ALL, from model to finished piece: CAD design, wax carving, CAD printing, molding, casting, polishing assembly, stone setting, plating, and more.

Your jewelry: not just made in the USA, MADE IN NYC. Whether you’re just starting out or at the top of your game, we have the experience to develop your entire collection, season after season. See us at MJSA Expo, Booth 137.

FrankBillantiCasting.com; 42 W. 38th St., Suite 204, New York City; 1-212-0440.



Bridging the Gap Between Classic Design and Modern Manufacturing

By combining precise technology, ease of use, and automation, eLUXE 3D scanners provide jewelers with the ability to integrate physical objects into the digital world. Our scanners feature the latest technological advances in the industry such as Blue Light Technology, 1.3-5.0 mega-pixel resolution, Active Sync, and STL-output. Custom wedding bands, 3D digital heirlooming, irregular gemstone scanning and more all made possible with eLUXE 3D scanners.

Visit us at eluxe3d.com/mjsa. See us at MJSA Expo, Booth 311.


Hauser & Miller

Hauser & Miller’s Flat Wire Now Available in Gold Filled

Hauser & Miller has added flat wire to its family of 14/20 gold-filled (GF) fabricated products. The wire can be ordered in lengths as small as 6 inches, in round, half hard, and full hard tempers, with standard widths ranging from 1.5 to 8 inches. (Custom sizes are also available.). Most orders ship on the same day. Get the look and durability of karated products, at a fraction of the price. To see a full list of our gold-filled offerings, please visit our website, hauserandmiller.com.

Contact us: Hauser & Miller, 1-800-462-7447, support@hauserandmiller.com, hauserandmiller.com. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.



Recycle, Melt, Alloy, Refine, Process or Cast

Inductotherm manufactures clean and efficient melting systems used in processing precious and platinum group metals for refining, scrap melting, jewelry manufacturing and other applications. These include our world-famous VIP® and VIP®-I™ induction power supply units, and our versatile Mini-Melt® and Dura-Line® furnaces, just to name a few. We recognize that even minute metal losses and metallurgical impurities are extremely costly, which is why we ensure our technologies increase metal recovery and lower processing costs.

Contact: INDUCTOTHERM CORP., 10 Indel Ave., P.O. Box 157, Rancocas, NJ 08073-0157; 1-888-INDUCTO (463-8286) or 609-267-9000; fax 609-267-3537; sales@inductotherm.com; inductotherm.com.


Is Your Business Properly Protected?

The insurance you have should be as unique as the business you run.

Get in touch with an expert who can help find solutions to keep your business safe, secure, and successful.

Jewelers Mutual Quote

Jewelers Mutual Logo




Introducing FiberCube Compact Starting at $14,950

New for 2017, the 3802 Series FiberStar Compact Laser Engraving System. Benefits include a "space saving" footprint and LaserStar’s state-of-the-art operating software. Built to the same robust standards as the full-size FiberCube, the Compact is suitable for a wide range of jewelry engraving applications. Accessories include coordinated rotary motion devices for seamlessly laser engraving around a circumference.  Made in USA. Visit us at MJSA Expo, Booth 143.

LaserStar Technologies Corporation, One Industrial Court, Riverside, RI 02915; Tel: 401-438-1500; Fax: 866-516-3043; E-Mail: sales@laserstar.net; Laserstar.net. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.



SILNOVA. The new silver alloy that keeps its light over time. Naturally.

Without any plating treatment, equal to a gold alloy, and 20 times longer than standard Sterling silver, SILNOVA® silver is a 930 parts per thousand alloy that keeps its brightness over time. Eye-catching thanks to its unique color (white and very shiny), it is visibly different from any other silver in the market. For the first time in the whole jewelry manufacturing sector, the resistance to tarnish has been scientifically assessed both in the lab and in real life conditions.

...What might be its secret ingredient? Discover more at silnova.it. See us at MJSA Expo, Booth 222.



M.S. Company

M.S. Company is a U.S. manufacturer of jewelry chain and chain findings in sterling silver, gold-filled, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, and Platinum on spool or cut-to-length completed necks or bracelets. We also manufacture beads, headpins, and eyepins.

Contact: M.S. COMPANY, Attleboro, MA; 1-508-222-1700; info@mscompany.netmscompany.net. See us at MJSA Expo, Booth 120.



You’ve got the work—We’ve got the tools!

When it comes to buying tools, it’s important to find the perfect balance between cost and need. That’s why we have designed several models of pulse-arc and laser technologies--all capable of working at microscopic levels--with budget in mind. Whether you’re welding or engraving, Orion will help you choose the right product that is best suited for your budget and application. Call today for details on everything available from Orion.

ORION WELDERS, 1693 American Way #5, Payson, UT 84651; (801) 658-0015; OrionWelders.com.

See live demonstrations of all our products at the New York MJSA Expo on March 12-14 in booth 331. You’ll also see Orion products at the Rio Grande booth and Stuller booth. We look forward to seeing you!



Are You Frustrated by Poor Platinum Casting Quality? TechForm Has the Solution.

The quality of TechForm’s platinum castings save bench time and deliver superior craftsmanship to your customers. Platinum casting quality is more than skin deep--TechForm’s Hot Isostatic Pressing eliminates sub-surface porosity so you can be confident in the integrity of your finished designs.

Learn more about the amazing benefits of HIP: TECHFORM ADVANCED CASTING TECHNOLOGY LLC; 503-652-5224; techformcasting.com. See us at MJSA Expo, Booth 128.

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