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Since its incorporation in 1903, MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America) has followed the same essential mission: to provide the information and support needed by jewelry makers, designers, and related suppliers to achieve professional excellence. Our 1,450 member companies employ more than 45,000 skilled workers, and they are a diverse group. They range from high-volume manufacturers to artisans and custom jewelers; from single-person trade shops to global suppliers of tools and equipment.

All, however, share a common goal: To run thriving businesses and to participate in a community dedicated to premier jewelry making and design. By joining and supporting MJSA, they ensure they do just that.


What We Do

MJSA offers technical, sales, and business expertise unavailable elsewhere. We also offer practical compliance guides so our members can more easily meet federal, state, and industry standards.

In addition, MJSA connects its members with their customers. Through our publications, trade shows, and thousands of individual referrals, we connect jewelry makers with providers of tools, metals, and other core needs. We also connect them with leading service providers and consultants, who can cost-effectively expand their capabilities. And we connect finished goods manufacturers with their retail customers through our twice-yearly Retail Link publication, which is sent to more than 20,000 retailers of all sizes, from small independents to major chains.

gems and jewelry component partsFinally, MJSA works to ensure a healthy environment for the continued vitality of jewelry making and design. We work with legislators and government agencies to ensure they have the information needed to establish informed laws and policies. And through our non-profit MJSA Education Foundation, we offer scholarships, seminars, and guides to training and degree programs, to enhance the skills of current workers and develop the next generation of jewelry makers and designers.


The Benefits of Membership

Whether you’re a high-volume manufacturer, an artisan creating one-of-a-kind designs, a custom jeweler working directly with consumers, or a supplier to the trade, MJSA offers a menu of targeted benefits that can ensure business success. Click here to learn about our various membership levels and how our benefits can help you. Become part of the MJSA community!


More About What We Do

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Our Elected Leaders and Staff

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About MJSA

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MJSA members can access exclusive informational and marketing benefits, from free promotional placements to information research services.