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Edward DeCristofaro Elected Chair of MJSA Board of Directors

Ed DeCristofaro is new chair of MJSA board of directorsMJSA has elected Edward N. DeCristofaro, president of LDC Inc. in Providence, Rhode Island, as chair of the association’s board of directors. Ann Arnold, CEO of Leiberfarb in Rahway, New Jersey, and Darrell Warren, vice president at Stuller Inc. in Lafayette, Louisiana, are the new vice chairs of the board. Michael Toback, president of Myron Toback Inc. becomes treasurer, while Stuart Lee continues as secretary. The new MJSA Foundation chair is Dave Meleski, president of the Richline Group Inc; the former Foundation chair, Richard V. Powers, becomes an officer at large.

Joining the MJSA board of directors are Molly Bell, director of The Bell Group in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Steven A. Cipolla, president of National Chain Group in Warwick, Rhode Island; and Joseph Esposito, managing director of LeachGarner in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Re-elected for a three-year term is James A. Troiano, a Cranston, Rhode Island, industry consultant.

DeCristofaro has a history of service to industry organizations. He is president of the Providence Jewelers Club, serves on the board of the Jewelers Board of Trade, and is a member of the Twenty-Four Karat Club of the City of New York and the Boston Jewelers Club. An early entrant to the jewelry industry, DeCristofaro joined his father’s then-new company at the age of 17. He took over the company’s operations, and in 2003 he became full owner. LDC today is a full-service jewelry manufacturer specializing in sterling silver, gold-filled, and fashion jewelry. During his time at the company, DeCristofaro has built many of LDC’s machines and tools, developing proprietary technology.

“I am honored to take on the chair of the MJSA board, as the association celebrates its 110th anniversary in 2013,” says DeCristofaro. “Our industry is going through a period of extraordinary change, which has provided new and different opportunities for jewelry makers, designers, and their suppliers. MJSA works every day, via education, networking, and trade events, to help our members identify those opportunities. I will do everything in my power to increase MJSA’s engagement with its members, so we can better understand what they need to succeed—and be profitable—in this new environment.

“One of my goals, amid high precious metals prices, is to support MJSA’s efforts to enhance the opportunities that exist for jewelry makers and designers who use alternative materials for their creations,” says DeCristofaro. “Though MJSA remains firmly committed to the makers of fine jewelry and all of their information and networking needs, today’s jewelers are also exploring an array of non-precious metals and other high-tech components in their jewelry.

“I applaud MJSA’s work in enlarging its tent to include information and services for these members of our industry, which include our larger suppliers and retailers of fashion jewelry. The latter companies have a wealth of knowledge and success in using all materials for jewelry adornment, and they are welcome to MJSA’s networks, benefits, and ranks.” 

For a complete list of directors on the MJSA board, click here.

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