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The path to a career making jewelry

So, you think you want to be a jewelry maker? We can help.

Do you love making and building things? Is the idea of working with your hands appealing? Do you like visuals more than words? Then being a bench jeweler may be for you.

BEaJEWELER welcomes you to the profession of jewelry making. Through a network of mentors, prospective jewelers can find the resources and training they need to embark on fulfilling careers.


The MJSA BEaJEWELER Program in Forbes Magazine

Apprentice at Bench

Andrea Hill, MJSA’s designer advocate, recently published an article in Forbes magazine discussing industry efforts (including MJSA’s BEaJEWELER outreach) to foster the next generation of professional jewelry makers and designers. The article also included two nice shout-outs to MJSA member schools Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology and the North Bennet Street School. Click here to read the full article.


Ready to BEaJEWELER? Learn More!

See why it’s good to become a bench jeweler. Learn about typical job duties, the skills you’ll need, the work environment, and what the pay is like. Click here to learn how you can BEaJEWELER.

Already a Jeweler? You Can Be a Mentor!

Need a bench jeweler for your store or company? Do you want to be part of an effort to rebuild the ranks of bench jewelers in the United States? This is your chance to help build the next generation of skilled workers. Click here to learn how you can be a mentor.

How Schools and Training Programs Can Benefit

BEaJEWELER is developing a range of marketing and promotional materials for schools and training programs, which can also host BEaJEWELER Open Houses to introduce prospects to jewelry making and design. Click here to learn more.

Need Help Finding a Mentor or Suitable Training?

MJSA can help. Just click here and our staff will be happy to answer your questons and lead you in the right direction.

Additional Opportunities in the Industry

Not interested in being a bench jeweler, but like the idea of working in the jewelry industry? There are other jobs! They include working as a retail sales associate or management professional, a gemologist or appraiser, a jewelry designer, a wholesaler/importer, or a lab grader at a gemological laboratory. The resources below can tell you more.

Jewelers of America’s Careers in the Jewelry Industry Guide

Gemological Institute of America’s Jewelry Career Fairs

Diamond Council of America’s Jewelry Career Readiness Initiative


New Approach School for Jewelers LogoBEaJeweler is an initiative developed by the MJSA Education Foundation in partnership with New Approach School for Jewelers

BEaJEWELER invites other jewelry trade schools, retailers, and manufacturers to join us in mentoring and educating the next generation of bench jewelers. For more information, e-mail MJSA.

Career Resources

MJSA Advantage

The MJSA BEaJEWELER initiative is currently seeking jeweler/mentors to identify and encourage promising student candidates. To learn how you can help, click here.