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COVID-19 Resources

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MJSA is continuing to monitor the fast-breaking developments related to the COVID-19, and we’re committed to to helping you through this uncertain and brutally difficult time.

To help with that, below you’ll find links to coronavirus-related resources and guidance that MJSA is offering free to the industry. (We have also opened up our entire Article and Video Library to public access during this unprecedented time.)

You’ll also find links to national and state resources, as well as initiatives offered by other jewelry industry organizations. All of these links will be updated as new information and resources become available.

Perhaps never before has the motto "Stronger Together" been more accurate. If MJSA can be of help, please e-mail us or call 1-800-444-MJSA (6572).

Quick Links:

MJSA ResourcesIndustry Initiatives National ResourcesState Resources


MJSA Resources

The links below will take you to the latest MJSA e-alerts about coronavirus-related legislation, MJSA Journal articles with best practices for managing through crises and economic downturns, and upcoming webinars, podcasts, and other informational resources.

MJSA COVID-19 Webinar Series

Starting March 26 and continuing weekly through mid-May, MJSA will sponsor of series of webinar dedicated to helping businesses manage the COVID-19 crisis. Topics will include insurance and legal questions, the best online strategies for both volume producers and studio artists, additive manufacturing, issues related to globalization (incluing supply chain strategies), how the crisis could affect style choices and material preferences of consumers, and strategies for ramping up and getting back to business once the risis ends.All are hosted by Andrea Hill, with expert guests from both inside and outside the jewelry industry.

Webinars run every Thursday at 1 p.m. ET. All are free to the industry. Click here to register.

Click here to view first webinar, "You Have Insurance and Legal Questions—We Have Answers." 


Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act: Details Addressing Businesses

Key components the $2 trillion bill offering help to businesses in dealing with the COVID-19 health and conomic crisis.

Paid Family, Medical, and Sick Leave: Details in the Families First Coronavirus Defense Act

Key points about the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act, tax credits for affected comapnies, and when the acts will expire.

Stress Management: Managing through Times of Crisis

Business owners face several challenges during times of duress. Even if you do not buy into the anxiety of the moment, you still must deal with the apprehension of vendors, customers, and employees. So here’s a five-point guide you can pull out whenever a crisis occurs.

Surviving an Economic Downturn

How to plan for surviving a recession and positioning your business for future success. 


Industry Initiatives

Jewelers Security Alliance offers COVID-19 security alert (downloadable PDF)

Jewelers Vigilance Committee adds COVID-19 resources page to its website.

Jewelers of America adds online coronavirus resource guide.

Jewelers Security Alliance offers advice about store security, safe teleworking

Society of North American Goldsmiths offers COVID-19 resources for metalsmiths and studio jewelers

American Gem Society offers coronovirus resources with emphasis on communicating with staff, customers

Webinar, Apr. 2: Appraisal organizations offer "Navigating Personal Property Valuation COVID-19 Concerns,"  3 p.m. ET 

Webinar, Apr. 3: JVC’s "Living Room Conversations" on how COVID-19 will impacy jewelry businesses, noon ET.


National Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

CDC Interim Guidelines: Planning for and Responding to COVID-19

CDC Travel Guidelines

CDC Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations

Index: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources


National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

NAM’s COVID-19 Resources Page

Survey: Economic and Operational Impacts of COVID-19 to Manufacturers

COVID-19 Policy Action Plan Recommendations


The U.S. Small Business Administration

Guidance and Loan Resources for COVID-19

Guidance for Businesses and Employers

SBA Disaster Assistance


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Combating the Coronavirus: Resources | Response | Impact


The U.S. Department of Labor

Guidelines from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration


State Resources


Alabama Updates on COVID-19

Business Council of Alabama: Coronovirus Business Resources

SBA District Office


Alaska Chamber: Business Resources for Coronavirus

SBA District Office


Arizona Updates on COVID-19

Arizona Chamber of Commerce: COVID-19 Resources

SBA District Office


Arkansas Updates on COVID-19

Arkansas Chamber of Commerce: COVID-19 Resources

SBA District Office


COVID-19 Response: Los Angeles Economic Development Corp.

California Manufacturers and Technology Association: Coronavirus Compliance

California Updates on COVID-19

California Stay-at-Home Order & Updates

SBA District Office – Los Angeles

SBA District Office – Orange County/Inland Empire

SBA District Office – Fresno

SBA District Office – San Francisco


COVID-19 Business Resources for Eagle County & Colorado

Colorado Updates on COVID-19

Colorado Chamber of Commerce: Coronavirus Updates

SBA District Office


Connecticut Updates on COVID-19

Connecticut Business & Industry Association

SBA District Office


COVID-19 Information for Delaware Small Businesses

Delaware Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office


Florida Updates on COVID-19

Florida Health Department: What You Need to Know about COVID-19

SBA District Office – North Florida

SBA District Office – South Florida


Georgia Updates on COVID-19

Georgia Chamber of Commerce: COVID-19

SBA District Office 


Hawaii Updates on COVID-19

Hawaii Chamber of Commerce

SBA District Office


Idaho Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office


Illinois Updates on COVID-19

Illinois Manufacturers Association

SBA District Office


Indiana Updates on COVID-19

Indiana Manufacturers Association

SBA District Office


Iowa Updates on COVID-19

Iowa Association of Business & Industry

SBA District Office


Kansas Updates on COVID-19

Kansas Chamber of Commerce

SBA District Office – Kansas City

SBA District Office – Wichita


Kentucky Updates on COVID-19

Kentucky Association of Manufacturers: COVID-19 Resources

SBA District Office


Louisiana Updates on COVID-19

Louisiana Association of Business & Industry: Coronavirus Resources for Business

SBA District Office


Maine Updates on COVID-19

Maine Chamber of Commerce: COVID-19 Business Resources

SBA District Office


Maryland Coronavirus Information for Businesses

Maryland Chamber of Commerce: Business Resources for COVID-19

SBA District Office


COVID-19 Loan Fund

State of Massachusetts’ COVID-19 Guidances and Resources for Business

Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM): Employers’ Guide to COVID-19

Massachusetts Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office


Michigan Updates on COVID-19

Michigan Manufacturers Association: COVID-19 Resources

SBA District Office


Minnesota Updates on COVID-19

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce: COVID-19 Business Toolkit

SBA District Office


Mississippi Updates on COVID-19

Mississippi Manufacturers Association: COVID-19 Information for Employers

SBA District Office


Missouri Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office


Montana Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office


Nebraska Updates on COVID-19

Nevada Chamber of Commerce & Industry: Coronavirus Update

SBA District Office


Nevada Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office

New Jersey

NJ Business & Industry Association: Coronavirus Resource Page

NJ Dept of Labor & Workforce Developemtn: hat Employers & Businesses Should Know

NJ Business Action Center: FAQ for New Jersey Businesses

SBA District Office

New Mexico

Help for Businesses Negatively Impacted by COVID-19

New Mexico Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office

New York

Assistance and Guidance for New York City Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

New York City Employee Retention Grant Program

The Business Council of New York State: Managing the Coronavirus

New York State Updates On COVID-19

SBA District Office

North Carolina

North Carolina Updates on COVID-19

COVID-19 Information for Businesses and Employers

North Carolina Chamber of Commerce: Coronavirus Resource Guide

SBA District Office

North Dakota

North Dakota Updates on COVID-19

Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce: COVID-19 Resources & Updates

SBA District Office


Ohio Updates on COVID-19

The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association: COVID-19 Resources Page

SBA District Office – Columbus

SBA District Office – Cleveland


Oklahoma Updates on COVID-19

State Chamber of Oklahoma: Coronavirus Resources Page

SBA District Office


COVID-19 Financial Resources for Businesses

Oregon Business and Industry: Coronaviris Resources

Oregon Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office


Business Resources for Coronavirus

Pennsylvania Updates on COVID-19

Responding to COVID-19 in Pennsylvania

SBA District Office – Eastern Pennsylvania

SBA District Office – Philadelphia

SBA District Office – Pittsburgh

Rhode Island

Information for Rhode Island Businesses

Rhode Island Manufacturers Association: COVID-19 Resources

Gift It Forward: Initiative to Help Rhode Island Small Businesses

Rhode Island Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office

South Carolina

South Carolina Updates on COVID-19

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce: COVID-19 Information & Resources Hub

SBA District Office

South Dakota

South Dakota Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office


Tennessee Updates on COVID-19

Tennesse Chamber of Commerce & Industry: COVID-19 Business Resources

SBA District Office


Texas Updates on COVID-19

Texas Association of Business: COVID-19 Business Resource Tool Kit

SBA District Office – Dallas/Fort Worth

SBA District Office – Houston


Assistance for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

Utah Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office


COVID-19 Guidance for Vermont Businesses

Vermont Chamber of Commerce: COVID-19 Resources

Vermont Updates on COVID-19

Vermont Disaster Recovery Guide for Businesses

SBA District Office


Virginia Updates on COVID-19

Virgina Manufacturers Association: COVID-19 Resource Center

SBA District Office


Association of Washington Business (AWB): COVID-19 Resources for Employers

Washington State Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office

West Virginia

West Virginia Manufacturers Association: COVID-19 Information

West Virginia Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office


Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce: COVID-19 Business Resource Center

Wisconsin Updates on COVID-19

SBA District Office


Small Business Resources

Wyoming Business Council: COVID-19 Tips for Small Businesses

Wyoming Updates on COVID-19

Wyoming Department of Health: COVID-19 Information

SBA District Office

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