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According to Merriam-Webster’s tried-and-true tome, “confab” is short for “confabulate,” which means to “chat” or “confer.” And a ConFab—specifically, the MJSA ConFab—is a full-day event in which you can do exactly that: chat, confer, and (most important) engage with others who have the same dream as you: to make a better living doing what they love, creating beautiful jewelry.

Held biannually, ConFab features sessions that get to the heart of how to make a business successful, all presented in plain language by the most knowledgeable (and friendliest) people around. You’ll also find plenty of opportunities to strike up connections with presenters, colleagues, and new business contacts in between sessions, at lunch, and during our end-of-day ConFab Connect reception. All in all, a day that will leave you feeling inspired, informed, and—well, ConFabulous!

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"I often say, "If I learn one thing, it is a good day." Having so much good information presented about so many things, all in one place, made Confab 2015 a great day, and 2016 a more successful year."

 —Ellen Cohen, Ellen Cohen Design, 2015 ConFabber


"The MJSA ConFab was a crucial turning point in the examination of my business."

—Daniela Lo Presti, another past ConFabber



MJSA Advantage

The MJSA ConFab features the industry’s most renowned business leaders discussing how designers can create successful businesses.