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Lori Kaplan Necklace

Striking the Right Note

2: Lori Kaplan

When I design, I’m usually inspired by the gemstones with which I’m working. However, I’ve never worked with hexagon shaped stones before and they had me stumped a little at the beginning of this project. But then I went back and reread Sarah’s story and noted her love for visiting the Smithsonian museums. To me, this meant she has an affinity for antiquities, which made me think she would appreciate a piece that pays homage to an earlier time. I collect Victorian watch fob chains, and they inspired me to create a piece in a similar style for Sarah. (It also seemed fitting to create a bar-style chain necklace for someone about to take the bar exam!)

The pendant features the chalcedony, rubies, and blue sapphires. To echo the bar chain that the pendant will hang from, I added two gold bars to separate the stones. Each of the bars is really a hidden hollow pull clasp that will allow Sarah to wear the piece with one, two, or three stones hanging. She has a fairly conservative job, and I wanted to keep the piece pretty simple, but give Sarah the option to dress it up or down depending on the occasion. I set the sapphires into the ends of each bar to catch your eye.

The pendant hangs on a 16-inch bar chain choker that is handmade in 18k recycled yellow gold. In the joints of the bars are 6 mm chalcedonies that match the pendant’s center stone. They are bezel set and attached with a hidden jump ring that will allow them to move but also give a little subtle bling to the chain itself.

Lori Kaplan is the owner of Lori Kaplan Jewelry Design in New York City.

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