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Niki Grandics Brooch Design 2020

A Home Away From Home

5: Niki Grandics

Maria’s story hit home for me, as my mother is planning on getting her citizenship later this year. Considering that this gift will be from Maria’s children, I wanted to focus on the idea of family and home, and the idea of marrying Maria’s native homeland with her adoptive homeland is near and dear to my heart.

I envisioned a brooch that also has a bail, allowing Maria to wear it as a pendant if she desired or an occasion called for it. The pearl from Maria’s homeland sits in the center, as the sapphires from her new home wrap around it in an embrace. Wanting to also tie in Maria’s love of the ocean, I purposely arranged the sapphires to mirror the ocean and a sunrise sky. The brooch is designed in 14k yellow gold because the metal’s warm tones play well with the sheens of the pearl as well as bring a touch of sunshine to the sapphire seascape.

It’s a piece that Maria can wear with pride during her citizenship ceremony, but also one that she could wear while she was teaching or presenting or at special gatherings with her loving family.

Niki Grandics is the owner of Enji Studio Jewelry in San Diego.


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