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Sophia Hu Design

Striking the Right Note

6: Sophia Hu

Although Sarah is still young and just at the beginning of her career, I wanted to create a classic piece of jewelry for her rather than something that was just fashion forward. I wanted it to be something that she could continue to enjoy as she advances in her career. At the same time, she is still young and I wanted something that was classic but also stylish and fresh feeling. Since she likely already has a lot of rings and necklaces, I decided to create a bracelet that would fit her lifestyle. It’s something she could wear to work and special events but also to a museum exhibition on the weekend.

In designing the bracelet, I wanted to incorporate all of the gemstones. I was quite taken with the hexagonal shapes of the stones—they are quite unique and gave me some good inspiration for the piece. They made me think of honeycombs, which, when glued together, form a harmonious structure in nature. It seemed fitting to tie that into the piece, given Sarah’s dedication to achieving a fair balance for the people in society.

Although the whole bracelet is a honeycomb structure, the center is comprised of a flower-shape featuring all of the gemstones. I outlined some of the nearby honeycombs with rubies to form petals, making the center more graphically interesting. The bracelet is designed in platinum to make the bracelet durable. Each of the honeycombs features a platinum border with a textured star in the middle. I also attached silver sheet to the back of each of the honeycombs, and then blackened it to add some depth to the design. Each of the individual honeycomb shapes is connected to its neighbors at two connection points, which are topped off with additional rubies for extra sparkle. This makes the bracelet strong, yet flexible and very comfortable to wear.

Sophia Hu is the owner of 6Shadows Art Jewelry in Las Vegas.

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