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MJSA Expo Rescheduled for March 2021

After consultations with exhibitors about concerns over the lingering impact of the COVID-19 crisis, MJSA has decided to reschedule its Expo trade show from this coming fall to March 2021.

The longest-running trade show dedicated to jewelry making and design, MJSA Expo had originally been scheduled to run March 15-17 in New York City, before the COVID-19 outbreak forced a postponement into October. Since then, although the city’s number of new COVID-19 cases has abated, questions remain about how the phased reopening of city businesses and institutions will be implemented. Given this uncertainty, both exhibitors and MJSA management felt a rescheduling into March 2021 would provide needed time and clarity for businesses to ramp up and better ensure a successful show.

The exact 2021 dates will be announced in the coming weeks.


The Expo Experience 

Image Strip Expo

What is MJSA Expo? Some have described it as a “toy store,” although in place of board games and Frozen II tie-ins it offers bench tools, 3-D printers, high-tech casting systems, and enough gems, findings, and other jewelry-making supplies to keep jewelers of any age happy.

Others have called it a “living classroom,” where the jewelry industry’s brightest minds lead seminars on a range of topics, from supply chain management to lab-grown diamonds to the intricacies of custom design. You’ll find an equal level of expertise on the show floor, where exhibitors—the industry’s most renowned trade suppliers and subcontractors—have an accumulated fund of knowledge that could fill a library.

Still others have called Expo a “community,” where those engaged in jewelry making and design (as both profession and passion) can trade ideas, be inspired, and connect with colleagues. Expo is all of those things and more. It is the hub where people from all facets of the jewelry industry—designers, manufacturers, trade suppliers, contractors, bench jewelers, retailers—can connect with the future of jewelry making and design.

At Expo, that shopping looks an awful lot like playing. Whether louping a 3-D printed model, examining a casting tree, testing the grip of a handpiece, or just sorting through the myriad gemstone choices, buyers can touch, test, and inspect every item.

If you make jewelry, Expo is the place for you—hands down. MJSA Expo is the show dedicated to jewelry making and design professionals.


What some attendees had to say about Expo:

I appreciate the opportunity to meet competing tool vendors and discuss the relative merits of their offerings. I love the MJSA show -- I’ve learned so much over the years. I’m looking forward to next year already! You guys are doing a great

This year we did not make any purchases, but it was really nice working with all the CAD printing manufactures. It was productive to meet with many of our suppliers and put a face next the names of people I speak with on the phone. With business seemingly on the upswing I am looking forward to seeing what new things will make their way to the market.” – Martin Heller, Color Masters, New York City

VERY useful show for me. Some vendors only exhibit at the MJSA show and are great suppliers. Expo exhibitors are attune to helping jewelers like ourselves who manufacture, as well as buy finished products and having all of these exhibitors in one area makes for more efficient use of our time when we attend.“ – Bob Mednikow, JH Mednikow Co., Inc., Memphis, TN


MJSA Advantage

MJSA members that exhibit at MJSA Expo receive a $700 discount off their booth price.