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MatrixGold: The Most Powerful Jewelry CAD Software 

Original Airdate: Dec. 2, 2020


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In this Product Profile Webinar, Andrea Hill will be joined by Gemvision’s Beau Vallot and Oriol Colelldemont to take an in-depth look at MatrixGold, the most advanced 3D CAD jewelry design tool. Powered by a parametric engine that improves the speed and responsiveness through the whole design process, MatrixGold allows users  to apply any modifications to a design without rebuilding it from scratch. Discover how MatrixGold can save you time and boost your productivity and efficiency to unimaginable levels.

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When Digital Becomes One-of-a-Kind Jewelry


From the developers of Matrix, the new MatrixGold is the most effective jewelry design software on the market. When you design your completely custom pieces in MatrixGold, then printing and casting are simple. 

Being jewelers ourselves, we understand the need for software which approaches design from a bench jeweler’s mindset. That is why we’ve created an updated CAD software with tools that are fully focused on jewelry creation. We have made it easy to create gems, shanks, settings, renders, and more, helping you design as efficiently as possible.

Some additional new tools and improvements include: 


At a Glance

How MatrixGold can help boost your productivity and efficiency:

  • Build jewelry from a blank slate or use the collection of pre-built parts as a starting point for creating new designs. You can then save your creations for future use.
  • Use the parametric toolset to do fast modifications and rework existing models without starting from scratch.
  • Estimate manufacturing prices with gem mapping, material lists, and volume tools.
  • Perform advanced rendering instantly. MatrixGold provides high-quality visuals that help you create an attractive design portfolio.
  • Reduce training time and lower frustration by customizing the user interface to your preferences.

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MatrixGold Spec Sheet: Unlimited Design Possibilites

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About Us

With facilities in the United States and a global network of Authorized Dealers, Gemvision brings jewelers and technology together with innovative, award-winning CAD/CAM products.

Founded over 20 years ago by a retail jeweler, we are (and have always been) a company of jewelers helping other jewelers use technology to express their creativity and enhance their bottom line. We began in Davenport, Iowa, but moved to Stuller Inc.’s Lafayette, Louisiana, headquarters in 2015.

With this partnership, we pride ourselves on being the global leader of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems, and other technology products for the jewelry industry.


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