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Discovering the Latest in Laser Technologies

Original Airdate: November 4, 2020


In this Product Profile Webinar, Andrea Hill talks with Gesswein’s Adam Kasson about the latest Sisma line of powerful benchtop laser welders and what sets them apart. Sisma is a global leader in the design and production of advanced laser technologies, with a 60-year focus on jewelry; see how they’ve maintained that position by adopting enhancements such as current control, first pulse suppression, and "smart spot" technology for repeatable welding, coupled with extensive training resources and their patented “synchro-view” integrated camera system.

Sisma LM-DT Laser Welder with Scope

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Sisma LM-D Ready Laser Welder

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Sisma LM-D Laser Welder with Scope

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Sisma LM-D Vision Laser Welder

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Sisma LM 250 Laser Welder

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Sisma LM-T 250 Laser Welder

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About Sisma

Founded in 1961, SISMA can rely on the great experience it has acquired building over 100 models of machinery. Today in the forefront of the development of laser systems, SISMA has been able to extend its know-how to the creation of production solutions for marking, welding, cutting, engraving, chain milling, and additive manufacturing. Being innovative, by vocation, SISMA combines a modern and independent organization of the production with a wealth of highly specialized human resources, thus guaranteeing the highest product quality and promptly responding to market changes and requirements.

About the Sisma Line of Laser Welders

Sisma’s internationally renowned manual desktop laser welders integrate the latest technologies with high efficiency and optimal output. No matter if you are a single operator, or a production facility, Sisma has a welder to suit your application.

The LM-D Ready, available in 150 joule and 180 joule configurations, provide the operator with a large open front protected by leather hanging strips, Leica precision optics, argon and air compressor hookups, a dedicated exhaust fan with filter, Eco mode, 250 customizable presets, and USB and Ethernet ports for remote diagnostics.

The LM-D Scope/LM-D Vision, LM-D Vision, and LM-DT Dual, all available in 180 joule and 210 joule configurations, share the same internal specifications, but differ in their appearance and operability.

Enjoy all of the features of the LM-D Ready series, with added perks of first pulse suppression, smart spot technology, a stronger fume extractor for metal reclamation with HEPA filter, and a hinged hood for ease of opening the machine. These heavy-duty machines carry either a Leica 10X stereo microscope (LM-D Scope), a 10.1’’ high definition LCD touchscreen with an integrated camera with digital video output (LM-D Vision), or BOTH! (LM-DT Dual). Also available with a Lynx optic head for 3-D welding, this model comes with integrated camera.

The latest addition to the Sisma line of welders is the LM 250, available with either the standard small screen, or the large 10.1’’ vision screen with digital video output. Available in 250 joules, this freestanding unit mirrors the LM-D Scope, Vision and DT with first pulse suppression, smart spot technology stronger fume extractor and hinged hood. In addition to, it has an external chiller to withstand the most demanding workloads, a removable base, hydraulic stand, and a 0.1mm beam diameter comes standard.

Additional accessories available for Sisma desktop welders include 16X or 25X Leica eyepieces, a Leica Angled wedge, Leica digital camera for HDMI output, Leica step up zoom magnifier, 0.1mm microspot option*, external chiller, auxiliary foot operated air compressor hookup, and internal chamber armrests.

*Not available in LM-D Ready and LM-D Lynx models.

*Special order. Please allow extra time for delivery.

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