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Tarnish Prevention Methods

Original Airdate: Feb. 24, 2021

Tarnish is typically associated with silver jewelry. However, any jewelry alloy—including karat gold—can tarnish and corrode, and the relationship between a jeweler and a customer can soon do the same. Fortunately, jewelers have ways to protect these metals, including a few patented products created by the world-renowned Bell Labs (whose discoveries and inventions have earned nine Nobel prizes). In this Product Profile, Andrea Hill talks with Marc Rothenberg, president of Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co., about the latest developments that neutralizes corrosive gases in a safe, clean way, without the need for secondary packaging and cleaning operations.

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Intro: The Intercept Technology Group. 1/10

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H2S Air Quality Update. 2/10

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Tarnish-causing gases in your packaging. 3/10

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Intercept Polymers. 4/10

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Comparison: Anti-Tarnish Strips. 5/10

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Range of Capacity of Gas Getter Tabs. 6/10

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Testing and Analysis. 7/10

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Conclusions. 10/10

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How It Works:

Developed by Bell Labs to solve problems they were experiencing with tarnish and corrosion, the Intercept Technology™ is a revolutionary product reacting solid-state reactive materials into a polymer matrix. These materials react with and neutralize all corrosive gases that contact the film. It provides10 years of protection against corrosive gases per mil of Intercept material. Intercept™ protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as preventing galvanic corrosion.

Metals corrode (tarnish) by reaction with common gases in the atmosphere. These corrosive gases react with both ferrous (iron-based) and non-ferrous metals. However, these gases are the primary cause for tarnish and corrosion of non-ferrous metal (such as silver, gold, tin, copper, brass, etc).


Intercept Technology™: Simply Better Protection


The Cost of Corrosion

In this webinar Intercept president Marc Rothenberg and lead engineer Keith Donaldson explain the impact of tarnish and corrosion on jewelry quality. 


At a Glance

What is the Intercept Technology™?

  • Invented and patented by Bell Labs to prevent tarnish and corrosion of metals
  • Trade names: Static Intercept®, Corrosion Intercept®
  • Static Intercept® & Corrosion Intercept® are a state of the art proprietary technology that bonds solid state reactive materials (bonded copper particles) into a polymer matrix. This matrix then reacts with and neutralizes all corrosive gases that come in contact with the polymer --Intercept Technology™ products act as a preferential corrosion site.

Attributes of the Intercept Technology™

  • Long term, stable, clean and non-contaminating protection, it prevents tarnish and corrosion of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electronics, optics, plastics, photographs, paper products etc.
  • Non-abrasive – safe for all metals and gemstones (pearls, opals, etc), even when in direct contact.
  • Does not coat or leave any detectable deposits (oils, gasses, platings, etc.) on the items it protects.
  • Eliminates plating, oiling, and secondary packaging and cleaning/polishing operations often associated with charcoals, oils, and volatiles chemicals.
  • Safe, non- toxic, environmentally friendly protection.
  • Breaks down into a polymer dust in a land fill.
  • Fully recyclable, ROHS (lead free) and Prop 65 Compliant.

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About Us

Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care Co., LLC, is the exclusive authorized worldwide distributor of Intercept Technology™ anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish products for the silver and jewelry industries. Our state-of-the-art products include Corrosion Intercept® & Static Intercept®, patented polymers that react with and permanently neutralize atmospheric gases that cause the corrosion of precious metals.


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