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One-Stop Shopping: Full-Service
Contract Manufacturing

Original Airdate: October 28, 2020

Andrea Hill talks with National Chain Group’s manufacturing experts about the company’s vertically integrated approach to product development and contract manufacturing. A leading supplier to volume manufacturers, wholesalers, and major retailers, National Chain has expanded into all areas of the supply chain and invested heavily in new technologies. The result: Total control over its manufacturing processes, enabling it to become a one-stop, full-service solution for its customers. Questions? You can also click here to use our contact form and e-mail National Chain directly.


The Advantages of Vertical Integration

National Chain controls all aspects of its manufacturing process, from grain to wire to finished product—and that vertical integration offers an immense advantage. It enables National Chain to better control costs, offer the most competitive prices, and maintain the highest quality. It also allows the company to consistently meet delivery times: It doesn’t have to worry about outside vendors holding up production, since the National Chain team can easily shift resources to meet deadlines.


At a Glance

National Chain’s "One-Stop Shopping" approach ensures customers can choose from a wide array of supplies and contract services. Among the offerings:

  • 3D Printing
  • Bead & Ball Fabrication
  • Cad Design: Engineering, Tool Development, Prototypes
  • CAM/CNC/EDM Tooling
  • Casting (All Metals)
  • CNC Mill & High Speed Milling
  • Coining
  • Complex Metal Mold-Making
  • Deep Drawing (0.004" – 0.50" think)
  • Diamond Cutting of Chain (Machine & Hand)
  • Dock-to-Stock Programs
  • Electroplating
  • Epoxy (Color, Clear, Ground, Buffed)
  • Exotic Powder Metal Injection Molding
  • Flat Stock Manufacturing
  • Inspection and Retail Packaging
  • Jewelry Chain
  • Jig & Fixture Design and Building
  • Laser Cutting and Marking
  • Lost-Wax Casting
  • Mesh Products
  • Metal & Rubber Mold Design/Fabrication
  • Metal Stamping
  • One-offs
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Product Costing & Estimating
  • Product Development & Engineering
  • Production of Intricate Functional Components
  • Progressive/Combination Tooling Design & Building
  • Refractory Metal Drawing Specialists
  • Residue-Free Parts Cleaning (Proprietary)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Solid & Solder-Filled Wire Manufacturing
  • Stamped Findings
  • Stampings
  • Stone Setting
  • Toolroom Functions
  • Tube Manufacturing
  • UV Printing
  • Wire & Ram EDM Capability
  • Wire Coiling & Forming

Contact National Chain Now

Interested in learning more about National Chain’s full-service contract manufacturing capabilities now? Just fill out the form below to have a National Chain representative contact you directly.

About Us

With nearly 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space and a workforce of 1,150 experienced professionals, the National Chain Group comprises several divisions encompassing all aspects of jewelry manufacturing and design:

National Chain: Produces up to 1.5 million feet of chain per week—enough to keep 600 machines running daily at maximum capacity—in a wide range of weights, finishes, and styles (including exclusive Byzantine designs). Its superior capabilities were featured in two documentary series, the Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” and the History Channel’s “Modern Marvels.” 

Standard Chain: Creates finished product with uniquely crafted knit, interwoven, and flexible metal patterns, through proprietary methods that ensure maximum quality and comfort.

James A. Murphy & Son: Specializes in both plain and fancy beads, findings, and tubing, with the industry’s best selection of patterns and textures. The staff takes pride in their creative flexibility and the ability to create special items.

National Mill: Offers everything from casting grain to sheet, wire, and solder, all created to the most exacting specifications.

National Design Studio: From custom metal molds to requests for personalized chain, findings, and jewelry, the National Design Studio can handle it all.

The Village Goldsmith & Colorado Casting:  The Village Goldsmith has a 30-year reputation for superior production services, from CAD/CAM to casting, stamping, and sintering. Both Village Goldsmith and the Colorado Casting division can take a design from model to finished casting, on time and on budget.

Apogee Precision Parts: A “dock to stock” supplier that specializes in stamping and deep-drawing metal parts for a range of industries. It manufactures everything from charms to capacitor components, medical implants, and diamond drill bits, with zero discharge.

C&W Steel Stamp Co.:  C&W offers high-end coining and striking services; it produces everything from charms and ID tags to coins and components with precise detail and accuracy.


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