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Innovations In
Jewelry Manufacturing
and the Invisible Clasp

Original Airdate: Nov. 11, 2020


In this webinar, Andrea Hill speaks with Riva CEO Ted Doudak and Rebecca Doudak about a few of the company’s newest capabilities (in-house lapidary, hard enameling), as well as its latest innovation, the Invisible Clasp. Popular among manufacturers and designers looking for a clean, minimal look, the clasp can be used to close a chain necklace or bracelet, attach pendants, or stand alone as a pendant itself. Learn how this versatile component can add new flair to your designs, and how it furthers Riva’s goal of transforming a finding into a beautiful piece of jewelry. Have questions or need more information? Click here to use our contact form to contact Riva directly.


Riva’s Texas diamond set invisible clasp holds closed an open link necklace. It is stacked above a small chain with a white onyx heart charm, cut in-house. (1/5)

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Triple stacked necklaces. The middle one is closed with a blue enameled marquee invisible clasp. The lowest has a heart invisible clasp with white enamel and a bail. (2/5)

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Triple stacked necklaces. The middle one is closed with a flat clasp set with blue sapphires. (3/5)

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An octagon invisible clasp with a wormwood texture holds closed an open link necklace. (4/5)

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Shown here are two examples of the lapidary work and setting work performed in-house at Riva. The ring is a smokey quartz. The pendant is Limon Citrine. (5/5)

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Riva’s Invisible Clasp in Action

A demonstration of Riva’s Texas diamond-set invisible clasp, used here on an open-link necklace.


Riva’s In-House Lapidary Services

In this video you’ll get a glimpse at the skill and artistry on display in Riva’s lapidary department. 


At a Glance

Riva provides designer-driven manufacturing solutions that are devised, crafted, and forged using the sharpened edge of enduring expertise. With all of our manufacturing components located in-house, our inventive application of time-tested techniques provide our clients, both prospective and active, a sense of inevitable satisfaction.

Highlighted Capabilities & Products

  • In-House Lapidary
  • Invisble Clasps
  • Hard Enameling
  • Fairmined Chain

More Contract Capabilities

  • Product Development
  • Laser Engraving
  • CNC Services
  • Diamond Setting
  • Casting
  • Mass Finishing
  • Tool, Die, & Metal Fabrication
  • Chain Manufacturing
  • Stamping
  • Tube Making
  • Plating
  • Polishing

Jewelry Collections

  • Fairmined Jewelry
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Chains
  • Pearl Jewelry
  • Gem-Set Jewelry

Certifications & Initiatives

  • Fairmined Gold
  • Mercury Free Mining
  • Recycled Metal
  • Conflict-Free Metals

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About Us

Riva has been a contract manufacturer for top brands in the jewelry industry for over 32 years. With all our manufacturing components located in-house, we have been able to develop capabilities seldom seen in USA manufacturing. During the past year, we’ve expanded to designing and making our own innovative designs, which are available to both designers and consumers. 


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