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Original Airdate: Nov. 18, 2020


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Join Andrea Hill and Solidscape’s Owen Burke as they discuss the driving force behind Solidscape. For the last 15 years, from one generation to the next, Owen has had the privilege of learning from jewelers around the world, and he will share how those important relationships have helped Solidscape shape their business, working towards continuous improvement year after year. Solidscape makes technology that produces high quality wax models for jewelry businesses of all sizes worldwide. Owen will explain how the company brought that single focus to market with the introductions of the S325, S360, and S390 printers in the last year. He’ll also introduce several people at Solidscape who work every day toward taking care of the our customers—knowing that if we don’t, somebody else will. Click here to use our contact form to contact Solidscape directly.


Solidscape’s High Precision 3D Wax Printers for Jewelers


Solidscape Printed Waxes

Printed by a Solidscape high-resolution 3-D wax printer, these molds are ready for direct casting.


At a Glance

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Solidscape® S300 Series of high precision 3D wax printers for jewelry. Produce dimensionally accurate wax models for precision investment casting in all precious metals.

  • S325 Solidscape precision at entry level pricing
  • S360 with XDP technology for the ultimate in flexibility
  • S390 Highest production printer with lifetime printheads
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable workflow
  • Consistency
  • Midas® build material for clean burnout and no ash residue
  • Melt® dissolvable support material


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About Us

Solidscape remains one of the most recognized brands within the jewelry industry for 3D printing technologies. Since 1994, it has manufactured printers that produce the most precise 3D wax models for casting in all precious metals, and it is locally represented in all the major jewelry hubs around the world. Our passion for empowering jewelers is reflected in our products and the people who service our customers.  


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