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During the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, MJSA is dedicated to helping its members, and the industry as a whole, navigate this uncertain time. We will be offering FREE webinars regarding resources, legislation, and reliable information related to the coronavirus.

The webinars will be led by MJSA’s designer advocate, Andrea Hill, CEO of the Hill Management Group and a specialist in working with small and medium-sized businesses, every Thursday through mid-May. Previous webinars area available as recordings—click here to see the lineup.

Sessions in May

May 26: The NEW Retail Forecast: Back in Business

The future of retail has been a big discussion for years, driven by changes caused by the way digital selling channels changed commerce and consumer expectations. These changes will likely accelerate after the experience of COVID-19. Andrea Hill will share the latest retail market analysis and discuss the expected impact with a panel of experts: Pam Levine, luxury retail and brand consultant; Melissa Quick, president of Steve Quick Jeweler in Chicago; Dave Kepron, author of Retail (r)Evolution; and Eric Zuckerman, president of Pac Team Group.


May 28: Let’s Talk about Money

1 p.m. ET. Managing cash flow, finding new revenue streams, accessing credit and balancing investments versus cutbacks... Right now, businesses across the country are facing financial challenges unlike any they’ve seen in years (possibly in lifetimes). Andrea Hill will host a panel of experts—Erich Jacobs, president of the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT); Joel Peck, CPA, owner of Joel Peck & Associates; and Ann Arnold, chief strategy officer for BIG (Buyers Intelligence Group) and chair of JBT—to discuss the key financial issues that every business, large and small, must address to survive.


Coming Seminars

June 4
Creating Strong Bonds with Customers Online

1 p.m. ET. In the era of COVID-19, it seems that everything and everyone has moved online. But connecting virtually goes beyond just the occasional Zoom meeting or a new website. This session will explore both the psychology of online communication and the technologies expanding our digital reach, enabling you to connect with customers in a way that’s both virtual and personal.


June 11
Prospecting Digitally: Finding New Customers Online

1 p.m. ET. As jewelry manufacturers and designers do more online business, they must develop new strategies to find sales prospects. Join Andrea Hill as she reviews various digital tools and techniques (lead magnets, social media campaigns, sales funnels, etc.) that can cut through the online clutter and guide potential buyers into becoming customers.


June 18
Combining Live and Virtual Sales Events

1 p.m. ET. When the COVID-19 crisis shut down trade shows, conferences, and other large gatherings, companies used to selling and marketing at physical events had to pivot to digital. This session will show how to develop a unified strategy that uses the strengths of both physical and digital to create a powerful and unique experience. Whether you sell finished jewelry, shop supplies, or services, this session will amplify your online sales efforts.


June 25
Protecting Your Business from Cyberattacks

1 p.m. ET. From identity theft to entire systems shutting down from viruses or ransomware, the online world poses many dangers. As more businesses move online, those threats will only grow. Learn how you can protect your business against cyberattacks so you can not just survive but thrive online.


Previous Recordings

You Have Insurance and Legal Questions - We Have Guidance
Original Airdate: March 26

Join Andrea Hill as she hosts a conversation with the Jewelers’ Mutual team and Sara Yood with JVC. They will help you understand the current environment, let you know what questions you should be answering, and help you avoid some of the pitfalls you may not be aware of.

Best Online Strategies for Volume Producers
Original Airdate: April 2

How should B2B producers manage their online presence during COVID-19? Until now, the industry’s B2B segment hasn’t been a big user of online services. If you’re trying to catch up, this session will be very useful to you. You’ll receive direct advice, tips, and tools for stepping up your online services.

Best Online Strategies for Studio Producers
Original Airdate: April 9

Studio producers face unique challenges during COVID-19, and need their own set of guidelines for online promotion and selling. Join Andrea Hill as she offers marketing and selling guidance for the designer and studio producer community.

How Do Global Crises Affect Styles and Material Preferences
Original Airdate: April 16

Design, style, and the materials designers use have been greatly influenced by major world events like WWI, the Great Depression, and WWII. In this session, Andrea Hill interviews design historians about the kinds of shifts we might see in consumer interest and the ways that designers have historically responded to them. Guests include Diana Singer, President, American Society of Jewelry Historians, and Michael Coan and Nancy Ross, both from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Maker’s Resources for "How Do Global Crises Affect Styles and Material Preferences"

In economic downturns, consumers become more price conscious, and designers might need to look at shifting to lower-cost materials (sterling, gold-filled, non-precious metals, plated materials, etc.. The articles below can help make that shift a little easier in the shop.

Back in Black: Tips for Blackening Silver by Tina Wojtkielo Snyder
Paint It Black: Step-by-Step Blackening Process for Silver by Belle Brooke Barer
MJSA Tech Video: Tips for Melting Silver by Jim Binnion
Layered Looks: What You Need to Know about Working with Gold-Filled Materials by Shannon L. Brown
Step up to the Plate: A Beginner’s Guide to Electroplating by Sharon Elaine Thompson
Plating Patterns: Using Resists and Electroplating to Create Patterns by Charles Lewton-Brain
Reactive Hues: Creating Colorful Jewelry Designs in Titanium and Niobium by Kirk Lang
Color by Number: Fabricating and Anodizing a Titanium Ring in Eight Steps by Kirk Lang

Manufacturing Tomorrow: Considerations for Globalization
Original Airdate: April 23

Globalization of manufacturing has been the standard for the jewelry industry for the past 25 years. But after a year of painful tariffs, followed by the implications of a global shutdown, how should we be thinking about globalization in the future? Andrea Hill discussed the changes taking place, and how the industry can adapt to them for a stronger future.

Manufacturing Tomorrow: Additive Manufacturing
Original Airdate: April 30

Will heightened consciousness of the risks in remote production lead to an increase in additive manufacturing (AM) at home? What is the current state of technology, and what developments can we expect to see in the near future? Andrea Hill will discuss these issues and more with guests Arjun Aggarwal of Desktop MetalSteve Adler of A3DM, and Veronica Nunes of V Nunes.

Ramping Back Up: Getting Back in Business
Original Airdate: May 7

A global shutdown of this magnitude is unprecedented. How do we start back up? What must we consider commercially, legally, from an employment standpoint? How do we manage cash flow, insurance, and ramping up advertising? Andrea Hill discusses this important topic with Sara Yood, senior counsel with the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, and Erich Jacobs, president of the Jewelers Board of Trade.

Mapping Your Business: Where to Go from Here
Original Airdate: May 21

The COVID-19 crisis affected every aspect of the way we do  business, from supply chains to customer outreach, and many companies are now struggling to forge a new path as they ramp back up. In this session, Andrea Hill will show how you can "map" your business, identifying value gaps to be filled and uncovering any potential legal or economic exposure, to ensure that your return to business starts off strong.


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