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MJSA Designer Collaborative

MJSA Designer Collaborative

If you’re a jewelry designer, you know the exhilaration that comes when you find inspiration for a new design, overcome a particularly stubborn technical challenge, or win a prestigious award.

You also know the frustration associated with a creative block or a technical challenge that remains stubborn, and the stress as you wonder how you are going to get all the orders out the door, promote your new lines, pay the bills, and keep going for one more day. Occasionally you may even feel a bit overwhelmed, and wonder: Am I alone in all this?

No, you’re not—which is why MJSA launched the Designer Collaborative, a new membership community through which jewelry designers can share ideas, discover inspiration, and find the support they need to improve their businesses.

Community, by Design

Andrea HillThe MJSA Designer Collaborative is open to any MJSA member designer (free of charge) and is facilitated by MJSA Designer Advocate Andrea Hill (right). Andrea has a long association with the jewelry design community—as the CEO of the Hill Management Group (a position in which she will continue), she provides strategic consulting and marketing services to many small and mid-sized jewelry businesses. She also initiated various designer-related events and competitions while CEO of industry supplier Rio Grande, and worked closely with the late Cindy Edelstein on many designer-related projects (including the first-ever Future of Design Business Incubator to jumpstart fledgling careers).

Among the ways MJSA helps to connect designers to the resources they need:

MJSA Designer Collaborative Facebook Group

DC FB Image

Designer Collaborative members can join the MJSA Designer Collaborative Corner Facebook group.  An exclusive online social community, this group is the place to discuss articles and webinars, share ideas, ask and answer questions, and make new connections. Most jewelry designers work alone, and that can be isolating. The MJSA Designer Collaborative group is a virtual water cooler and coffee station for this bench-bound, ear-budded, creative cohort.

Designer Collaborative members can visit the group, and request access, by clicking here.

MJSA Designer Collaborative Webinars 

Designers can tune into monthly webinars, led by Andrea, that cover a broad range of topics including pricing, working with subcontractors, opening a retail base, and marketing your jewelry. The webinars will also feature interview discussions with designers and jewelers who will share their tips for success.

The webinars are free to MJSA Premier Associate and Premier Professional members. For MJSA Associate members the fee is $15 per webinar. The charge for non-members is $50 per webinar. Click here for a complete schedule.

MJSA Designer Salons and Events

Hosted by Andrea and consultant Marlene Richey, the MJSA Designer Salons are periodic meet-ups where designers can openly exchange ideas, discuss issues related to running their businesses, tackle marketing challenges, and talk about their sources of inspiration. Contact us for more details.

MentorWerx Discounts

MJSA Design Collaborative members will also receive a 50 percent discount on all videos, webinars, books, podcasts, and other educational materials produced under Hill’s MentorWerx brand.


Join the Collaborative Today!

Joining the MJSA Designer Collaborative is simple: Just click here to fill out a simple form, and the MJSA staff will set you up in no time.

To learn more about the MJSA Designer Collaborative, e-mail Andrea or call 1-800-444-MJSA to talk to either Andrea (ext. 333) or Membership Outreach Manager Travis Searle (ext. 3024).

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MJSA members receive exclusive informational and marketing benefits, from free promotional placements to information research services.