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If you are connected professionally in any way to the design, making, or sale of jewelry, then you need to belong to the MJSA community. It includes professional jewelry makers and designers of all sizes and types, from artisans just starting out to manufacturers with global operations. It also includes retailers that have their own custom design and repair areas, as well as suppliers of everything from tools to contract services.

Some members join because they know the contacts they’ll make through MJSA are invaluable. Others want to support MJSA’s legislative and educational efforts toward the continued vitality of professional jewelry making and design. But they all share one thing: By belonging to the MJSA community, they can find the information, resources, and connections needed to reach new customers, maintain quality, and profit.

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If You Design and Make Jewelry… 

Whether you manufacture in volume, do limited production runs, or make one-of-a-kind pieces, MJSA can help. As a member, you’ll find connections to some of the world’s most renowned experts on jewelry making and design, as well as an unparalleled library of technical, business, and compliance information—all of which is free or substantially discounted for members. You can also take advantage of free promotional opportunities that put your designs in front of more than 20,000 retailers of all sizes, and marketing and business assistance that enables you to turn those retailers from prospects into satisfied customers.

If You’re a Custom Jeweler/Retailer…

If you’re a retailer who creates custom designs or repairs jewelry, you’ll find others in the MJSA community who share the same passions and challenges. Through them, you’ll discover ideas for attracting new customers and exceeding their expectations, and you’ll gain insights into the latest design technologies. You’ll also find connections to reliable subcontractors who can turn your designs into finished pieces, along with the guidance needed to work with them effectively. And you can add to your knowledge with our free or heavily discounted books and articles, including our popular At the Bench series and David Geller’s Blue Book on pricing repairs. Through MJSA, you can ensure your design and repair operatiions are profitable. 

If You’re a Trade Supplier or Service Provider... 

If you’re a supplier or subcontractor to the trade, you’ll find your customers in the MJSA community. When buyers want jewelry-making tools, supplies, and services, they turn to MJSA for guidance. We respond by referring them to our member suppliers and service providers—which translates into potential customers for you. We also offer free or heavily discounted promotional opportunities to help you further drive sales. And our informational and cost-saving programs for financing, shipping, and compliance help you to complete every sale smoothly, ensuring both your profitability and your customer’s satisfaction.

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MJSA members receive exclusive informational and marketing benefits, from free promotional placements to information research services.