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The Benefits of MJSA Membership

 In joining MJSA, members not only demonstrate their dedication to professional excellence, but also gain a vital partner in achieving that goal. By tapping into the collective strength of the association community, our members find the expertise, connections, and support needed to maintain quality, reach new customers, and profit.

Discover How MJSA Helps You to Connect with:

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MJSA Journal. Every month, readers turn to MJSA Journal for the latest technical insights, bench tips, fashion trends, and business and marketing insights. MJSA members receive a subscription to MJSA Journal as part of their dues investment, and can order additional subscriptions at a 50 percent discount. Click here to learn more about MJSA Journal.

MJSA Custom Jeweler. This publication focuses on how to meet consumers’ desire for personalized jewelry. It offers marketing and selling strategies, updates on the latest developments in design technologies, and case studies showing how to work with customers and surpass their expectations. MJSA Custom Jeweler is published quarterly as a supplement to MJSA Journal; MJSA members receive it free as part of their subscription. Click here to learn more about MJSA Custom Jeweler.

MJSA Article & Video Library. MJSA members enjoy unlimited (and free) access to the industry’s largest compilation of peer-reviewed articles and videos on all aspects of jewelry making and design. They include technical insights into volume production and design; compliance guidelines; marketing, sales, and operational strategies; and “buyer’s tips” for sourcing equipment, supplies, and services (including MJSA Tool Reviews and Comparison Charts). Click here to learn more about the MJSA Article & Video Library

Book Discounts. Members also receive 15% discounts on the books of MJSA Press and other leading publishers, and a 40% discount on "pricing guru" David Gellar’s renowned Blue Book to Jewelry Repair and Design. Click here to visit the MJSA Bookstore.

MJSA Compliance Guides. These guides help members to ensure their products meet federal, state, and industry standards. Each focuses on a specific area of regulation, from metal content to sourcing requirements, and (in plain English) explains what manufacturers must do to comply. Click here for the MJSA Compliance Guides

MJSA InfoResearch. MJSA members can ask the association staff to research specific technical, business, and compliance questions. Up to three questions per year can be researched at no charge. (Additional questions will be priced at special rates, based on the amount of research required.) This benefit puts MJSA’s community of industry experts at our members’ service.


Connect with Customers

Trade Supplier Referrals. Buyers look to MJSA as the authoritative and most credible resource for tools, equipment, supplies, and services, which is why we annually field thousands of requests from jewelry makers and designers with specific needs. We respond by referring them to our member suppliers, who in turn receive a reliable stream of prospective customers. Suppliers and service providers also receive free listings in the MJSA Buyer’s Guide (both print and digital editions) and the MJSA Guide to Subcontractors.

MJSA Expo Booth Discount. MJSA Expo is the largest U.S. show dedicated to the tools, equipment, supplies, and services needed by jewelry makers and designers. MJSA member exhibitors not only connect with thousands of prospective customers, but also enjoy a $700 booth discount. Click here to learn more about exhibiting at MJSA Expo.

Discounted Advertising Opportunities for Trade Suppliers. Professional jewelry makers and designers turn to MJSA publications to keep abreast of the latest tools, equipment, supplies, and services. To reach these readers, MJSA member suppliers not only have exclusive opportunities for cost-effective digital advertising, but also enjoy a $700 discount per print ad in MJSA Journal and MJSA Custom Jeweler. Click here to learn more about MJSA advertising opportunities.

Free Placement in the MJSA Retail Link. Designed specifically to link jewelry manufacturers and designers with retail customers, this publication promotes our members’ latest designs and jewelry lines. It’s sent to more than 20,000 sellers, from small independents to major chains. In addition to a free placement, members can also take advantage of heavily discounted advertising opportunities. Click here to learn more about the MJSA Retail Link.

Free Placement in the MJSA Sourcebook. Published annually as a special edition to MJSA Journal, the Sourcebook features the latest alloys, tools, and supplies from MJSA members. It’s sent to nearly 25,000 jewelry manufacturers, designers, and retailers.


Connect with Tools, Supplies, & Services

Jewelry makers and designers can find the latest tools, supplies, and services through not only MJSA Expo and MJSA Journal, but also through guides and services that offer specific benefits to MJSA members.

MJSA Buyer’s Guide. Available in both print and online editions, the Guide is recognized as the go-to resource for jeweler’s tools, equipment, supplies, and services. MJSA members receive a free copy of the print edition, which includes valuable Buyer’s Tips, and they can access more tips when they view the online version. Learn more about the MJSA Buyer’s Guide.

MJSA Guide to SubcontractorsThrough this guide, MJSA provides detailed information about the capabilities of leading subcontractors, many of whom offer special rates and offers to MJSA members. Members can also, through the Article and Video Library, access exclusive guidelines on how to best select and work with a contractor. Learn more about the MJSA Guide to Subcontractors.

CAD/CAM Concierge. CAD/CAM enables speedy turnarounds, lowers costs, and offers the "magic" of making changes before a customer’s eyes. Add in CAD’s ability to create virtual inventories (and eliminate the need to tie up dollars in physical product), and it’s no wonder more designers are adding it to their arsenals. MJSA’s CAD/CAM Concierge service ensures members have the support they need when investing in a system or contracting with a bureau.

Financing Solutions. Through our partnership with ACG Equipment Finance, MJSA members can finance purchases of technologies, manufacturing equipment, and other items totaling over $1,000, with no documentation fees (a $295 value) and, in many cases, notification of approval in 24 hours. Click here to learn more about ACG’s financing solutions.

Sourcing Assistance. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Members can contact MJSA staff to help them with searches for specific, hard-to-find items and services.


Connect with Business Resources

Creative Website Solutions. MJSA has partnered with renowned industry web guru Matthew Perosi and his Sapphire Collaborative to help MJSA members raise their digital sales, better manage inventory, and optimize their websites to improve search rankings. Click here to learn more about Sapphire Collaborative’s digital tools and consulting services.

Business Consulting. MJSA members receive special rates on consulting services offered by such renowned experts as Andrea Hill, founder/owner of StrategyWerx and former CEO of Rio Grande, and Marlene Richey, a former gallery owner and author of Profiting by Design: A Jewelry Maker’s Guide ot Business Success. Both are renowned experts on marketing, branding, and operational strategies. Click here to learn more about MJSA’s consulting options.

Shipping Solutions. Through our strategic partnership with FedEx, MJSA members enjoy deep discounts on a range of shipping options, including the industry’s best rates on high-value packages—up to 75 percent off standard rates! Click here to learn more about the FedEx Advantage.

Office Solutions. MJSA members receive discounts on a full range of office supplies, thanks to our partnerships with Staples. They also get the expertise they need for efficient payroll processing (through ADP), credit card processing (through Service First Processing), as well as insurance coverage (through Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company). Plus, New York State members can take advantage of the MJSA Workers Compensation Safety Group, which offers not only up-front discounts but also potential dividends annually.
Click here to learn more about MJSA’s office solutions.
Click here to learn more about Jewelers Mutual’s insurance solutions.

MJSA Membership

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MJSA members receive exclusive informational and marketing benefits, from free promotional placements to information research services.