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"The savings covered the cost of membership many times over.” That’s how Aron Suna of Suna Brothers in New York City described his experience with MJSA’s FedEx shipping program. Not only did it offer a secure alternative for delivering products, but it dramatically cut his expenses—and his experience is being shared by MJSA members nationwide. In the past year, MJSA members participating in the program who are high volume shippers saved an average of $4,329 on FedEx Shipping.

It’s not surprising, really, given the types of shipping discounts available:

• Up to 43% off FedEx Priority Overnight® Envelopes
• Up to 42% off FedEx Priority Overnight® Packages
• Up to 35% off FedEx Standard Overnight® Envelopes
• Up to 35% off FedEx Standard Overnight® Packages
• Up to 39% off Select FedEx Express® International Shipping
• Up to 20% off FedEx Ground Shipments
• Up to 10% off FedEx Home Delivery Shipments
• 15% off copy and print services at FedEx Office locations

Plus, as a special bonus, MJSA members who sign up for the program can, for the first year, enjoy substantially discounted rates for the FedEx Declared Value Advantage service, through which FedEx can accept packages with a declared value of up to $100,000:

• 25¢ per $100 of Declared Value on Domestic Shipments—a 75% discount!

• 40¢ per $100 of Declared Value on International Shipments—a 60% discount!

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