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Boris Goynatsky’s Design Challenge RingRussian Doll Design Challenge: Design 5

Boris Goynatsky, BG Art Jewelry Atelier, New York City

I incorporated the three pillars of Russian culture—home, faith, and motherland—into my design of Galina’s ring. The walls of the Kremlin form the setting for the Alexandrite, while baguette diamonds encrusting the shank symbolize the endless roads in Russia—both reminding Galina of Russian statehood and her family’s home.

To represent Russian orthodox belief and faith, I used the typical golden onion heads found on Russian basilicas. They point up to the ever-changing Russian sky, beautifully symbolized here by the color-change alexandrite.

Executing the engagement ring and wedding band in platinum, I set the diamonds against the cool white metal to capture the spirit of the Russian winter, paying homage to the motherland. The wedding band also features the repeating element of the Kremlin walls set with round brilliant-cut diamonds. (All diamonds would be sourced from Russia from the Alrosa mine.)

As a Russian expat myself, I feel this wedding set embodies the essence of what I hold dear to my heart about my home country. Each ring is a conversation piece that holds the secrets and memories of life in Russia that will be treasured for a lifetime—and beyond.

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