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Jennifer Dawes’ Design Challenge RingRussian Doll Design Challenge: Design 8

Jennifer Dawes, Dawes Design, Santa Rosa, California

When reading the story of Galina’s engagement, I was immediately taken by the description of the kutya, a traditional Russian porridge made of grains, honey, and poppy seeds. For me, this became the heart of my design, using the porridge’s ingredients to symbolize hope, happiness, and peace.

To represent these elements I designed the ring shank with a wheat motif to represent the grain. This design would be laser cut to pierce out an intricate detail along the finger.  To further accent the detail, I would bead set a diamond into every kernel of the wheat design.

Jennifer Dawes’ Design Challenge RingOn the top of the ring I’ve designed a poppy flower to represent the poppy seeds. The flower opens up to reveal the beautiful alexandrite cushion cut stone. As you look down on the alexandrite you see two small bees representing honey, pollinating this magical stone and holding the stone down by acting as prongs.

The overall shape of the shank reveals a crescent shape. This crescent is symbolic of the Russian Orthodox cross, the sickle of the communist Russian flag representing agriculture, and the moon, which represents growth in all three. What better way to start the beginning of a new life and marriage than by honoring hope, happiness, peace, and growth?

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