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Pierre-Yves Paquette’s Design Challenge RingRussian Doll Design Challenge: Design 3

Pierre-Yves Paquette, Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada

The organic, nature-inspired fashions created by Galina’s favorite fashion designer, Lesia Paramonova, provided the idea for the platinum engagement ring and platinum and 18k yellow gold mokumé gane wedding band that I designed for her. The wedding band nestles within the shank of the engagement ring, enabling the two rings to be worn together or separately.

Pierre-Yves Paquette’s Design Challenge RingI chose to use mokumé gane for the wedding band because the style is reminiscent of the colorfully twisted domes on Moscow’s Kremlin. Going back to Paramonova’s fashions for inspiration, I capped the ends of the band with two of the designers repeating elements: butterflies and flowers. Each is cast in 18k yellow gold and soldered to the upper ends of the tapered band.

The engagement ring is constructed of three sections. The first, which is carved in wax and cast, forms the outside edge of the shanks with a bridge that passes under the alexandrite. Pavé set with 64 champagne diamonds totaling 1.61 carats, this section also hides a groove for the wedding band, which holds it steady so it doesn’t wobble from one side to the other. The other two pieces of the engagement ring are formed from heavy wire and welded to the inner sides of the cast section, becoming the tsavorite garnet bezel-set prongs for the alexandrite.

Pierre-Yves Paquette’s Design Challenge RingThe green of the garnets compliments the purple and blue of the alexandrite, and both the champagne diamonds and green garnets continue the theme inspired by Paramonova by bringing in colors from nature. When complete, the design of Galina’s wedding and engagement set unites elements of today that she enjoys with the heritage to which she feels so strongly connected.

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