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Vijayshree Sovani’s Design Challenge RingRussian Doll Design Challenge: Design 6

Vijayshree Sovani, New Delhi, India

After reading Galina Bobrov’s story, I was struck by how her immigrant family adapted to the great American way of life yet maintained the connection with its roots and culture throughout her conservative upbringing. This immediately struck a chord with me and served as my inspiration for the design.

I wanted to fuse Galina’s rich traditional culture with her love for modern design in the ring. In the top-down view, you can see that the 18k white gold wedding band—which is meant to be worn only together with the engagement ring, not alone—is inspired by the domes of Russian architecture, representing her

Vijayshree Sovani’s Design Challenge Ringcultural heritage. A pink tourmaline and peridot leaves pick up on the floral enameling in the 18k white gold engagement ring, which comprises two diamond bands surrounding a center band featuring the beautiful alexandrite. Symbolizing the traditional Russian Orthodox belief in the holy trinity and its blessings, the engagement ring showcases an enameled pattern that portrays Galina’s love for modern design.

Vijayshree Sovani’s Design Challenge RingWorn together, the rings depict Galina’s love for her culture and roots, as well as her adoption of the new way of life. They are a perfect reflection of her personality—a mix of traditions and modernism. She is truly a contemporary “Russian doll.”

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