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Zoltan David’s Design Challenge RingRussian Doll Design Challenge: Design 4

Zoltan David, Austin, Texas

I felt an instant connection to Galina’s story because it is based on Russia’s cultural artistry and that is so similar to the Hungarian art and architecture of my own heritage. The engagement and wedding rings are of platinum with both 24k and 18k gold accents in my signature style, which I have been told has an aristocratic Russian sensibility similar to that of the Russian designer Fabergé. Because of this, I knew the piece would have an inherently Russian appeal.

I made the platinum rings finger-shaped so they are comfortable and will not roll, then lined them with 24k yellow gold sleeves. Harder 18k yellow gold is used for the alexandrite’s setting and has a cutout on each side in a stylized snowflake representative of those famous Russian winters. As I designed, I made sure each element kept the focus on the alexandrite, a prospect I enjoyed because the more beautiful the gemstone, the easier it is to work with.

Zoltan David’s Design Challenge RingFor decorative accents, I used my patented shaped metal inlay process, first with 24k inlaid gold shaped into beads, the pattern of which leads the eye back to the center stone. The inlaid 18k green gold leaves also direct the eye to the alexandrite. These represent springtime, and with it that sense of new beginnings that is similar to Galina’s new marriage.

Adding a regal element to the rings, the diamonds range in size from 0.02 to 0.01 carat are internally flawless hearts and arrows stones in D-E-F color. The viewer of these rings will be able to appreciate the interesting inlay pattern and the diamonds, but there is no question that the main player in the entire design is the alexandrite, as it should be.

The idea of doing something with Russian flavor came to me naturally. I enjoyed the concept of my heritage and that of Galina intersecting, and I believe that when these rings are placed on her finger she will discover a treasured connection to her Russian heritage.

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