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Ring by Ryan Roberts

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Ahead of the Curve Tips for sketching cuff bracelet designs. By Rémy Rotenier

All in Good Time Announcing the winners of the 2016 MJSA Vision Awards

An Antidote to Convention  Andy Cooperman’s Poison Ring No. 2. By Irina Missiuro

Burma Ban Busted U.S. ban on Burmese gemstones is lifted. By Deborah A. Yonick

By Your Side Claudia Kretchmer pays tribute to her father in a two-stone tension ring. By Shannon L. Brown

CAD/CAM Corner: Calibrated Clay  Integrating ZBrush into CAD jewelry design. By Darla Alvarez, GIA jewelry design & technology instructor

Casting Call Dawn Muscio designs a palladium bowtie worthy of the red carpet. By Shannon L. Brown

Cause and Effect William Travis Kukovich talks philanthropy. By Irina Missiuro

Coined Memories Adel Chefridi honors his childhood. By Irina Missiuro

Coloring Outside the Lines  Three designers take on MJSA’s annual Mystery Box Challenge. By Shawna Kulpa

Come into Bloom Chi Huynh discusses his Blossom Ring’s unique abilities. By Irina Missiuro

Cosmic Connections Ezra Satok-Wolman crafts a tribute to Pythagoras. By Shannon L. Brown

Crafting a Custom Pearl Necklace Gregory Crawford describes crafting a custom pearl necklace.

Design Heroes Suzy Landa discusses Pat Flynn’s work. By Irina Missiuro

Design Heroes Megan Thorne discusses Lene Vibe’s magical jewelry. By Irina Missiuro

Design Heroes  Mimi Favre discusses her favorite designers. By Irina Missiuro

Evolving Contrasts
 Annie Koenig explains how she used juxtapositions to create a harmonizing design.

Eyes on the Prize A showcase of the winners of the 2014 MJSA Vision Awards. By Shawna Kulpa and Rebecca Oster Bach

Fanning the Creative Spark Getting into the zone starts with knowing yourself. By Andrea Koenig

Finding Forethought When creating a piece of jewelry, consider the chain and findings as an integral part of your design—not an afterthought. By Shannon L. Brown

Fire and Ice
 Eva Martin explains how designed her Fire and Ice earrings to give her customer the choice between looks. By Shawna Kulpa

Five Faves: Alex Woo
 A look at Alex Woo’s top five sources of inspiration.

Five Faves: Anita Sondore A look at Anita Sondore’s top five sources of inspiration.

Five Faves: Chihiro Makio Designer Chihiro Makio shares her top five sources of inspiration.

Five Faves: Erik Stewart
 A look at Erik Stewart’s top five sources of inspiration.

Five Faves: Rebecca Myers
 A look at Rebecca Myers’s top five sources of inspiration.

Five Faves: Sydney Lynch
 A look at Sydney Lynch’s top five sources of inspiration.

Five Faves: Todd Pownell
 A look at Todd Pownell’s top five sources of inspiration.

Five Faves: Tomasz Donocik Designer Tomasz Donocik shares his top five sources of inspiration.

Flight of Fancy Michael Barin captures nature as art with his silver butterfly ring. By Shannon L. Brown

For the Boys
 A look at Ryan Roberts’ untitled award-winning ring. By Shannon L. Brown

From the Deep Kent Raible fuses his way to victory with his 18k yellow gold, 20k rose gold, and platinum pendant. By Shannon Brown

Functional Design Designers showcase components as the focus of their designs. By Shawna Kulpa

Garden’s Glory
 The story behind the creation of JJ Buckar’s Peruvian Wild Flower. By Shannon L. Brown

Get Creative with Belle Brooke Barer
 Tapping inspiration with Belle Brooke Barer.

Get Creative with Gregoré Morin Tapping inspiration with Gregoré Morin.

Getting Connected
 Inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge, Erik Stewart crafts Transit. By Shannon L. Brown

Gift from the Sea
 How the loss of one ring led Aleksandra Vali to create her Le Mirage ring. By Sharon Elaine Thompson

Great Beginnings Getting to know Alishan Halebian. By Irina Missiuro

Great Beginnings Getting to Know Gregoré Morin. By Irina Missiuro

Great Beginnings Getting to know Mark Loren. By Irina Missiuro

Great Beginnings Getting to know Mark Schneider. By Irina Missiuro

Handle with Care 
Tips for designing with and setting delicate gemstones.

Here Comes the Sun Finding inspiration with Tomasz Donocik. By Irina Missiuro

The House that Class Built Finding inspiration with Petra Class. By Irina Missiuro

Imperfect Perfection Alishan Halebian’s sphere is a metaphor for light and life. By Shannon L. Brown

In the Mood
 Todd Reed discusses his Aquamarine Cuff bracelet. By Tina Wojtkielo Snyder

Laser Engraving Tips for laser marking and engraving jewelry

Lean and Mean Tips for making thin metal designs safe and strong.By Charles Lewton-Brain

Let It Roar Jonathan Rutledge’s homage to the Ishtar Gate. By Irina Missiuro 

Light Show
 Claudio Pino captures the night sky in Magnificent Stellaire. By Shannon L. Brown

Behind the Design: Lovely Lotus Tony Snodgrass challenges himself with his flower ring. By Irina Missiuro

Lunar Love
 The story behind Genevieve Yang’s Large Lunar Cycle necklace. By Shawna Kulpa

Lustrous Twist Anil Maloo captures a win with his pearl cage earrings. By Shannon L. Brown

Luxe Looks for Less Tips for creating beautiful designs on small budgets. By Elisabeth Beller

Made for a Renaissance Woman Paul Robilotti’s ode on a Grecian coin. by Irina Missiuro

Making Your Mark Three jewelry companies putting engravers to use as design tools, creating unique and personalized details that help set their jewelry apart. By Shannon L. Brown

Minimalist and Monumental Michael David Sturlin discusses his Ring to Brighten a Rainy Day. By Irina Missiuro

Mirror, Mirror
 Robin Waynee fabricates a reversible pearl pendant. By Shannon L. Brown

Mon Cheerie
 A look at the story behind Ion Ionescu’s Pillow for Dreaming, the first-place winning ring in the Evening Wear category of the 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards. By Shawna Kulpa

A Nod to the Past  Adam Foster’s modern interpretation of an ancient myth. By Irina Missiuro

Night Beauty Craftsmanship is key for Llyn Strong’s wearable art. By Irina Missiuro

Night Light
 Read about the challenges Adam Neeley faced when creating his Moonlight and Caviar ring, which won first place, Professional Design Excellence, in the 2012 MJSA Vision Awards. By Shannon L. Brown

Off the Beaten Path
 Crafting jewelry around unusual gemstones. By Tina Wojkielo Snyder

On the Upgrade  Consider website technology before web design. By Andrea Hill

Organic Geometry
 Sydney Lynch creates a bi-metal organic geometric bracelet. By Shannon L. Brown

Perfect Vintage
 Kelly Liddicoat turns heads with her Swirling Spirits ring. By Shannon L. Brown

Petite Bezel Burnisher A useful tool repurposed from an old bur shaft. By Helen I. Driggs

Playing Favorites Discover the favorite pieces of four designers—Jason Dow, Emanuela Duca, Elizabeth Garvin, Paula Crevoshay—and the reasons these pieces hold a special place in their hearts. By Shawna Kulpa

Playing Favorites: A Fitting Tribute Catherine and Michael Jensen choose their favorite design 

Proud Peacock
 Katy Briscoe follows her instincts to create Raj. By Shannon L. Brown

Pure Imagination Announcing the winners of the 2017 MJSA Vision Awards

PVC to the Rescue  Repurposed plastic shop helpers. By Helen I. Driggs

Red Carpet Design Michelle Pajak-Reynolds works her way to the Emmy Awards. By Irina Missiuro

Redefining Balance Cynthia Eid deconstructs her playful Choices necklace. By Irina Missiuro

A Riveting Tribute Jenny Reeves uses rivets to secure her five-layer, San-Francisco-inspired Argentium silver ring. By Shawna Kulpa

The Right Mix
 Learn the six key ingredients necessary for designers to create cohesive collections of work that are designed to be sellable. By Cindy Edelstein

Rock On Leon Megé hits a high note with his Maestro ring. By Shannon L. Brown

Rock-Solid Bonds 
A look at Cynthia Renée Zava’s Torres del Paine ring.

Creative Design: Seeking Solitude Playing favorites with Dallae Kang. By Irina Missiuro

A Sneak Peek  A look inside Jimin Jung’s Interiority Bangle. By Irina Missiuro

Spiky Sophistication Finding inspiration with Marcia Budet. By Irina Missiuro

Storytelling The story behind the winners of the 2015 MJSA Vision Awards.

Striking a Balance
 Crafting exquisite jewelry with unique gems. By Alishan Halebian

Stuck in a Rut
 Tips for getting over a creative block. By Shawna Kulpa

Super Model
 Randy Polk glamorizes stainless steel in his Cover Girl ring.

Taking Flight Finding Inspiration with Zoltan David. By Irina Missiuro

Think Big Jennifer Rabe-Morin makes a statement with a fire agate. By Shannon L. Brown

Think Creative Designers share tales of inspiration. By Irina Missiuro

Tiny Bubbles
 Bruce Hartman was inspired by the rocky coast of Maine to hand carve a carnelian that is at the center of his award-winning pendant. By Shawna Kulpa

Tips From the Trenches Julie Romanenko shares lessons she’s learned. By Irina Missiuro

Turning Point
 Ryan Roberts’ foray into CAD proves rewarding in these revolving, award-winning earrings. By Shannon Brown

Walking a Tightrope The hoops Pierre-Yves Paquette jumped through to complete his Circus, Circus ring. By Shannon L. Brown

Warming Trend
 The story behind Robin Waynee’s Green Moonstone bracelet. By Sharon Elaine Thompson

Wear It Well
 Deirdre Featherstone designs convertible color. By Shannon L. Brown

Whom Do You Wear? Barbara Heinrich ruminates on John Iversen’s aesthetic. By Irina Missiuro

A Winged Nymph Dennis Dejonghe rediscovers a gem. by Irina Missiuro

World Class
 A look at Erik Stewart’s Hollein ring. By Shannon L. Brown

World of Whimsy Behind the creation of Christi Anderson’s Fairy Queen of Keys Castle necklace. By Sharon Elaine Thompson


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