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Buyer’s Tips Library

A Few of Their Favorite Things  Vibrant colors and natural gemstones were in demand with Tucson buyers in 2019. By Deborah A. Yonick

Best Sellers  The top-selling tools among industry suppliers. By Shawna Kulpa

A Bumpy Road  Diamond Trends August 2019: Diamonds face a profitability crisis but opportunities remain. By Deborah A. Yonick

Buying Findings  Selecting the right components when making jewelry.

CAD Comparison Chart   Whether you’re a total newbie just getting your feet wet or an experienced user looking to upgrade your current setup, shopping for computer-aided design (CAD) software can be a mindboggling experience. To help you narrow down the choices, MJSA Journal presents this comprehensive chart comparing the most popular jewelry-specific CAD programs on the market. Compiled by Shawna Kulpa

The CAM Choice   Still boggled by all of the CAM options available to the jewelry industry? Check out this guide that will help you know when it’s time to invest in your own machine—and how to choose one wisely.

CAM Comparison Chart  Whether you’re interested in a 3-D printer, which builds models layer by layer, or a mill, which uses a subtractive process to carve models directly from wax, you have many options from which to choose. To help you find the best system to meet your needs, MJSA Journal presents a comprehensive chart comparing CAM systems currently available for use in the jewelry industry. Compiled by Shawna Kulpa

CAM Crossroads  How do you know when it’s time to invest in your own CAM system? By Sharon Elaine Thompson

Carving Out a Niche  Laser engraving systems can save time and effort, but do they make sense for you? By Shawna Kulpa

Chain and Findings: A Buyer’s Guide   By Shawna Kulpa

Tips for selecting the right components Chain Glossary  A glossary of chain styles for jewelry makers and designers. 

Color Confidence  Gem Trends June 2019: Pantone forecasts strong, bold hues for fall. By Deborah A. Yonick

Come Into Fashion  Gem Trends June 2018: Pantone forecasts deep, rich tones with colorful outbursts. By Deborah A. Yonick

Design Disruptions  Women and children driving tomorrow’s trends. By Deborah A. Yonick

Diamond Detection  Tips for investing in synthetic diamond screening technology. By Shawna Kulpa

Diamonds on the Rise  Gem Trends August 2018: Vegas reports note ample diamond opportunities.  By Deborah A. Yonick

Equipment Checklist  Checklist to help purchase the best equipment and technology. By Gerry Davies

Findings Glossary  A glossary of findings and components for jewelry makers.

Full Steam Ahead  Gem Trends September 2018: Manmade diamond market expands. By Deborah A. Yonick

Gem Treatment Guide  A guide to gemstone treatments and enhancements. By Arthur Anton Skuratowicz and Julie Nash

Jewelry Pileup  Trends July 2019: Layering trends across all precious metals lines. By Deborah A. Yonick

Laser Enraver Comparison (2019)  Compiled by Shawna Kulpa

Lay of the Land  Putting the RinGenie layout tool to the test at the bench. By Arthur Anton Skuratowicz

Metal Mania  Top jewelry trends in gold, silver, and platinum. By Irina Hawkins

Ordering Metals  Tips for sourcing precious metals for jewelry making. By Stewart Grice

Picture This...  3-D scanning offers new possibilites—and new customers. By John Shanahan

Savvy Shopping  Six steps to better tool buying. By Andrea Hill

A Sense of Source  The growing awareness and importance of artisanal mines. By John Shanahan

Something Old, Something Bold  Gem Trends May 2019: Big looks fromt he ’80s dominate fashion runways. By Deborah A. Yonick

Sustainable Alternatives  Jewelers redefining what it means to source responsibly. By Irina Hawkins

Tomorrow’s Trends  Vegas shows predict popular looks for 2020. By Deborah A. Yonick

Tool Testing  Three bench jewelers put four new bench tools to the test. Compiled by Tina Wojtkielo Snyder

Tracking 2019 Gem Trends  Gearing up to shop the gem shows. By Deborah A. Yoncik


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