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Calibrated Clay, Part 2  Integrating ZBrush into CAD jewelry design. By Darla Alvarez, GIA jewelry design & technology instructor

CNC Milling vs. 3-D Printing Which is the right choice for your design? By Shawna Kulpa

A Cross-Sectional Critique Applying clipping planes to model manufacturability. By Darla Alvarez

Curves with Intentions The benefits of using well-considered curves in CAD/CAM. By Charlie Herner

Design Simplified How jeweler Randy Erickson used CAD/CAM to create an award-winning ametrine pendant. By Peggy Jo Donahue

Digital Detailing  Applying texture to CAD models for 3-D printing. By Darla Alvarez

Digital Dive  Tips for taking the plunge into CAD. By Shawna Kulpa

The Future of CAD? A look ahead to the use of generative design technology.

Get in Control Using control points to refine CAD designs. By Darla Alvarez

Getting into Print A primer on 3-D printing technology. By Shawna Kulpa

The Fix Is In Using CAD repair programs to save unprintable files. By John Shanahan

Hand in Hand, Part 1 Old world craftsmanship meets technology in this engraved man’s band. By Charlie Herner and Jason Marchiafava

Leaving Your Mark Custom jeweler Tom Linenberger shares his "wabi sabi" approach to CAD design. By Tom Linenberger

A Little Something Extra Tips for building additional setting material into your CAD files. By Charlie Herner

Melee Matters Looking beyond standard melee sizes for better layouts. By Charlie Herner

Old Vs. New Is it better to use a traditional approach or CAD/CAM technology to create a setting for a uniquely shaped stone? Jeweler Lee Krombholz set out to find the answer.

The Power of Powder  Overcoming the obstacles of 3-D metal printing. By Shawna Kulpa

Quest for Imperfection Building flaws into CAD designs—on purpose. By Lee Krombholz

The Redrawing Board A case study on how a designer overcame a design obstacle to increase his ring’s chance of casting success. By John Shanahan

Seeing Is Believing Exploring CAD’s sculptural possibilities. By Shawna Kulpa

Selection Struggle Command tips for selecting objects in Rhino and Matrix. By Darla Alvarez, GIA Jewelry Design & Technology Instructor

Sensible Sparkle Tips for setting halos and side diamonds in CAD. By Lee Krombholz

Set to Go Tips for modeling prong settings in CAD. By Charlie Herner

Shadow Magic A step-by-step look at using CAD to creating a matching band. By Darla Alvarez

The Shop of Tomorrow The tools and technologies that may be coming soon to a workshop near you. By Shawna Kulpa

Slice and Dice Saving CAD time by repurposing cutting tools. By Darla Alvarez

Solid Visuals How jeweler Dawn Muscio uses CAD/CAM to create custom jewelry designs. By Peggy Jo Donahue

Subdivision Modeling in Action Mike Magee demonstrates how he creates freeform custom designs. By Peggy Jo Donahue

Take Two: Modifying Award-winning CAD Designs for Optimal Manufacturing Even award-winning designs that drop jaws as-rendered might have to go back to the drawing board if they want to come to life as real pieces. That was the case with two CAD designs that took home awards in the 2012 Johnson Matthey New York Sustainable Design Awards competition. Read about how these budding designers had to modify their original designs to ensure they could be successfully manufactured. By Tina Wojtkielo Snyder

Tips of the Techy Trade CAD modelers share their favorite tips for designing for manufacturability. By Steven Adler

Window Shopping Comparing the industry’s CAD/CAM options. Compiled by Shawna Kulpa


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