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MJSA Custom Jeweler Digital Editions
Read entire back issues of MJSA Custom Jeweler, the only publication devoted solely to the business of designing and selling custom-made jewelry. Many issues include "online extras" not available in the print editions.

At What Price? Nanz Aalund  Breaking down the final cost of a reimagined salt and pepper engagement ring. 

At What Price? Wendy Brandes   Breaking down the final cost to transform an old engagement ring into a set of three “perma-stacked” stacking rings.

At What Price? Mark Grosser  Breaking down the final cost of creating a new bracelet using a customer’s existing diamonds. 

At What Price? Kelly Williams  Breaking down the final cost of a custom Celtic-inspired wedding band. 

Coming Full Circle  Elichai Fowler on transitioning from retail to custom. By Shawna Kulpa

Crisis Management  Green Lake Jewelry Works’ Jim Tuttle on surviving a pandemic. By Shawna Kulpa

Custom Communication  Case studies in marketing and promotion with jeweler Mark Loren. By Shawna Kulpa

Custom Whisperers  Communication is the key to customer satisfaction. By Shawna Kulpa

Discovering a Client’s Style  A systematic approach to discovering a client’s style. By Rich Youmans

Don’t Be a Yes-Man  Learning when (and how) to say no to custom design projects. By Irina Missiuro

A GemFest for All  Encouraging sales of loose gems can lead to custom commission. By Peggy Jo Donahue

Getting Emotional  Greg Stopka prefers the challenge of custom redesigns. By Shawna Kulpa

Lessons Learned  Joel McFadden discusses memorable advice, mistakes, and more. 

On Deposit  How should custom jewelers charge for their design time? By Rich Youmans

A Royal Suite for Mardi Gras  Jewelry custom made for a king-and his entire court: A case study with Pav & Broome Diamond Jewelers, Gulfport, Mississippi. By Peggy Jo Donahue

Selling Outside the Box: Calla Gold  Custom jeweler Calla Gold on operating as an online business.

Selling Outside the Box: Dawn Musico  Custom jeweler Dawn Musico on operating without a storefront.

Selling Outside the Box: Kristy Ford  Custom jeweler Kristy Ford discusses her business mode and marketing strategies. 

Something Old, Something New...  Greg Stopka focuses on transforming heirlooms into opportunities. By Shawna Kulpa

Stage Craft  Tips for creating a custom design area that inspires customers. By Peggy Jo Donahue

With a Twist  How Joel McFadden created a helix ring that, as he described it, was "nearly impossible" to make. By Deborah A. Yonick


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