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All Dressed Up
 How to gussy up your sales strategy. By Andrea Hill

Art of the Tale
 Salespeople as storytellers. By Andrea Hill

Ask Better Questions
 Improving sales prospecting. By Andrea Hill

Cash Flow Agents
 How to jumpstart continuous improvement in sales. By Andrea Hill

Gaining Perspective Good salespeople make their products stand out from competitive offerings. By Andrea Hill

In Their Eyes
 Understanding the customer experience. By Andrea Hill

Just Ask
 Structuring the perfect sales pitch. By Andrea Hill

More Than a Box Designers describe their use of packaging and display to sell their stories along with their jewelry. By Rebecca Oster Bach

The Next Generation What you need to know now so you’ll be ready to market to Generation Z tomorrow. By Terri Wallo-Strauss

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish How to spend marketing dollars wisely. By Andrea Hill

Planning Ahead
 Using a promotional calendar. By Andrea Hill

Ponder Power
 Five questions to answer when planning your advertising. By Andrea Hill

’Round and ’Round How communication between marketing and sales departments is critical to success. By Andrea Hill

Sales Makeover Communicating the benefits of a product or service. By Andrea Hill

Sales Training
 Five steps toward fueling motivation. By Andrea Hill

Selling Is a Service
 Giving customers what they need. By Andrea Hill

Selling Stories
 Learn strategies for crafting and selling your story. By John Shanahan and Tina Wojtkielo Snyder

Shoestring Storytelling
 Sharing your story in ways that won’t break the bank. By Terri Wallo Strauss

Special Delivery
 A look at how one start-up company packages its uniquely shaped products. By Shawna Kulpa

The Stunner
 Using your best piece to impress potential clients. By Tina Wojtkielo Snyder

Super Sellers
 Look outside the industry for marketing inspiration. By Andrea Hill

Targeted Thinking
 Considering the seven phases of sales. By Andrea Hill

Watch and Learn
 Interpreting the customer experience. By Andrea Hill

Websites That Work for You: Video From the 2012 MJSA conFab: video of Eugene Brill and Gary Dawson session on effective web strategies and site critiques.

What Is Marketing?
 Outlining the four phases that lead to marketing success. By Andrea Hill

Who Are You?
 Defining your key customers. By Andrea Hill


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