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Light Work: Laser Welders Help Jewelers Set Stones in Non-Traditional Ways
There are almost as many ways to set a gemstone as there are jewelers. Everyone has their favorite methods. Then one day you want to do something different and those trusty methods won’t work. So what can you do? The solution may be as close as your laser welder. See how three designers used their lasers to create imaginative pieces, with stones set in ways that simply couldn’t have been achieved without that beam of light. By Shannon L. Brown and Rich Youmans

Quick Clips
Using a pulse-arc welder to convert post earrings to clip-ons. By Sessin Durgham

Seeing the Light
In this MJSA Tech Video, Marc Firestone of Krombholz Jewelers in Cincinnati describes how he transitioned from a torch to a laser, and the advantages he’s discovered.

Sneaky Soldering
Getting an ultra clean weld in a mixed-metal design. By Bob Lynn

Stick With It: Laying Out Designs for Laser Welding
Designing stock pieces for my jewelry store has never been more fun than it is now that I have a laser welder in my shop. Try this fun tip for using sticky foam to lay out your designs for welding. By Susan Eisen



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