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Below you’ll find information on the current titles offered by MJSA Press. All are available through the MJSA Bookstore or any of the fine distributors below.

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Jewelry Metals bookJewelry Metals: A Guide to Working with Common Alloys. Technical editor: James Binnion. This practical guide offers expert insights into all aspects of working with precious and non-precious jewelry metals, including characteristics of common alloys and illustrated step-by-step instruction on a range of metalworking techniques.


Secret Shop WeaponsSecret Shop Weapons. Technical Editors: Ann Cahoon & Chris Ploof. More than 30 acclaimed jewelers and designers reveal the tools they couldn’t do without, from the high-tech (lasers, CAD/CAM, laptops) to such traditional favorites as gravers, hammers, and a Rollerball pen (yes, a pen).


Profiting by Design

Profiting by Design: A Jewelry Maker’s Guide to Business Success by Marlene Richey. Learn how to run a successful jewelry design business—and have some fun along the way. Marlene Richey covers everything from identifying a target market and setting up shop to pricing, marketing, and selling your one-of-a-kind designs.


Adventures at the BenchAdventures at the Bench by Jurgen J. Maerz. Renowned platinumsmith Jurgen J. Maerz offers his best bench tricks—from innovative uses for clothespins and table salt to ingenious homemade tools—and relates lessons learned from his earliest days as an apprentice.


Apprenticeship GuideA Jeweler’s Guide to Apprenticeships by Nanz Aalund. An educator and award-winning jewelry artist, Aalund provides detailed insights into all aspects of setting up a training program in the shop. It includes tests and projects through which apprentices can best learn about specific tools and skills; safety checkpoints; and interviews with professional jewelers who relate their own successful experiences with apprenticeships.

101 Bench Tips for Jewelers101 Bench Tips for Jewelers by Alan Revere. Acclaimed as a designer, author, educator, and innovator, Alan Revere now shares his most valuable bench tips and tricks. Full-color paintings by illustrator Sean Kane depict each tip in striking detail. Winner, Gold Excel Award, Society of National Association Publications.


Jeweler’s Bench BookThe Jeweler’s Bench Book by Charles Lewton-Brain. Volume Two in the "Orchid in Print: Maximum Bench Work" series published in collaboration with The Ganoksin Project. Expert advice on how you can choose the bench that best meets your needs—then modify it for maximum efficiency.


Making the Most of Your Flex-shaftMaking the Most of Your Flex-shaft by Karen Christians. Volume One in the "Orchid in Print: Maximum Bench Work" series published in collaboration with The Ganoksin Project. Learn how to select the right flex-shaft system, choose and use accessories and attachments, and properly maintain your system.


Working with GemstonesWorking with Gemstones: A Bench Jeweler’s Guide by Arthur Skuratowicz and Julie Nash. Enjoy stress-free setting! Featuring more than 100 full-color photos, this book provides the information you need to avoid damaging expensive—sometimes irreplaceable—gems.


Guide to Losst-Wax CastingThe AJM Guide to Lost-Wax Casting: Techniques and Tips from Industry Experts. From trouble-free master models to well-assembled sprue trees to proper techniques for investing, burnout, and breakout, this book will help you to achieve smooth, porosity-free castings.


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