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101 Bench Tips Cover101 Bench Tips for Jewelers

by Alan Revere
Illustrations by Sean Kane; introduction by Charles Lewton-Brain

Acclaimed as a designer, author, educator, and innovator, Alan Revere now shares his most valuable bench tips and tricks in 101 Bench Tips for Jewelers. Based on his monthly column in MJSA Journal , this book will help any jeweler speed production, improve quality, and raise profits at the bench. It covers all aspects of bench work, from soldering to stone setting, piercing to final polish. Winner, Gold Excel Award, Society of National Association Publications

• Discover how you can easily modify common bench tools to enhance productivity.

• Learn how household items, such as dental floss and paper clips, can become valuable bench aids.

"’Idea Central’ is one way of describing this book. It breaks new ground in its clear, painterly renderings of the tricks, the bright intelligence that shines from every page. Alan’s writing is warm and friendly, and he sees possibilities—and solutions—everywhere." Charles Lewton-Brain, Brain Press, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Sample Bench Tips

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Zip It! Avoiding Loose Stones in the Ultrasonic

Getting Out the Kinks: Straightening Wire

Sss-teadying Sss-tones: A Setting Snake

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Sample Tip Topics

Color-coding solder chips  •  Using hypodermic needles for torches

Sweat soldering made easy  •  Using a dental mirror at the bench

Creating a wire nest to heat a piece evenly  •  Making a groovy bench pin

Making a Florentine graver  •  Sawing long lines accurately

Tips for accurate drilling  •  New uses for your hammer

Metal shapes without scrap  •  Modifying and finishing pliers

Putting an end to tubing twist  •  Laying out perfect ring patterns

Tricks for sizing inflexible rings  •  Creating a layout tray for diamonds

Using dental floss to free stones  •  Putting an end to compound streaking

Using a diving mask and snorkel at the bench  •  Cleaning silver jewelry on the go

Creating an end mill finish  •  Applying precise patterns to metal


About the Author

Alan Revere

Alan Revere is a German-trained master goldsmith, an award-winning jewelry designer, and an internationally respected educator and author. A member of the American Jewelry Design Council, he is also the founder of the Contemporary Design Group and the creator of instructional books, articles, and DVDs for goldsmiths and jewelers. Since 1979, he has taught thousands of jewelry makers from around the world at the school he founded, the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.


About the Illustrator

Sean Kane has created illustrations for clients in the United States, Europe, and Japan; projects have ranged from promotional posters for the U.S. Environmental Protecton Agency to gift cards for Target retail stores. His atwork has appeared in such magazines and newspapers as The New York Times, Consumer Reports, and Inc. His acrylic paintings have frequently illustrated articles in MJSA Journal, including many of Alan Revere’s tips. He is based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


At a Glance

Publication date: 2004

ISBN 0-9713495-3-3

Softcover, perfectbound

120 pages

Full-color illustrations

Bench resources section


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