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Adventures at the Bench CoverAdventures at the Bench

Overcoming a Jeweler’s Daily Challenges

by Jurgen J. Maerz

Renowned platinumsmith Jurgen J. Maerz offers his best bench tricks—from innovative uses for clothespins and table salt to ingenious homemade tools—and relates lessons from his days as as an apprentice. He also provides illustrated step-by-step guides on everything from fabricating platinum sheet to using the jeweler’s newest best friend, the laser.

"This book is full of clever tips, shortcuts, and homemade tools … Read through this book, and see if you aren’t amazed at the information it holds." Alan Revere, founder Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts

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Sample Tips

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The Multi-Purpose Clothespin

Making a Pt Wire Bracelet with a Slip Lock

Identifying the Size of a Square Ring


Additional Sample Topics

Making Instant Magnetic Bur Holders

Gaining Bur Control

Making Equally Sized Round Beads

Soldering a Wedding Set Cleanly

A Handy Way to Clean Diamonds

A Quick Trick for Mixing Investment

Eliminating Porosity Damage

Using Coils to Bend Tubing

Making a Multi-Grit Sanding Stick

Creating a Texture Strip

Flotation Devices for the Ultrasonic

Making a Platinum Chain

Making Platinum Sheet

Making Platinum Tubing

Sizing a Platinum Ring with a Laser

Using a Laser to Install Gemstones

Making a Cast Platinum and Pearl Pendant

Replacing a Worn-out Ring Top

Creating an Etched Platinum Tie Tack

Pavé Setting with a Homemade Drill

PLUS: Jurgen’s Bench Tales


About the Author

Jurgen Maerz

An internationally recognized expert on platinum, Jurgen J. Maerz served for 13 years as director of technical education for Platinum Guild International USA. A veteran of the industry since 1961, he has taught seminars internationally, and was the fourth jeweler in the United States to receive the designation JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler. He is also the author of The Platinum Bench (MJSA Press, 2001), and his articles have appeared worldwide in numerous publications (including MJSA Journal.


At a Glance

Publication date: 2006

ISBN 978-0-9713495-7-5

Softcover, perfectbound

112 pages

More than 350 full-color photographs

Bench resources section


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