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A Year of Wearable Fashion

Anticipating the jewelry looks of the new year

By Deborah A. Yonick

Jewelers interested in learning more about current and upcoming jewelry trends should first turn their attention to the fashion world since the jewelry that accessorizes those runway fashions is specifically chosen to complement the styling. It also inevitably inspires fashionistas to seek out similar styles to be on-trend.

And what are the runways predicting for 2020? Trend forecasters are heralding it as the year of wearable fashion, with styles that can be worn day-in and day-out key in both fashion and accessories.

InStyle describes 2020 fashions as surprisingly easy to follow and embrace. Accessible and re-creatable, the trends are simple to incorporate into current wardrobes without too much fuss or imagination, reports online fashion publication Who What Wear.

According to trends forecasting firm MintModa, as society embraces shared activities and people strive to live fuller, happier lives, consumers need and want fabrics and silhouettes they can live in: relaxed shapes, fluid drapes, a casual dress code that’s timeless and clean.

It’s not surprising then that consumers are seeking jewelry they can live in, purchase individually, and that is easy to layer in with their existing styles, allowing them to create their own unique wardrobe, says the luxury trends forecasting firm The Futurist. Silhouettes resonating the most with consumers are elongated, sometimes voluminous, with negative space to keep it light and easy to mix in diverse styles.

“Think accessible, but not boring,” says Amanda Gizzi, director of public relations and special events for Jewelers of America in New York City. She underscores that trends don’t have to be trendy, citing updated basics that don’t go out of style but instead get more stylish as what’s really in demand.

Contemporary styling with an edge is the trend, adds Valerie Fletcher, vice president of design and product development for Original Designs Inc. in New York City. This can be accomplished by changing the orientation of a setting (such as setting a pear-shaped stone east to west) or using color in place of white diamonds. Think everyday luxury.

In addition, trend trackers cite earrings, chain link jewelry, and pearls as the leading categories trending in fine jewelry for 2020.


All Ears

Quality Gold earrings

Think big and bold, Gizzi says, citing hoops continuing reign as an all-time favorite. “Not only are they scalable for any customer, hoops also don’t have to be traditional,” she says. She notes front-facing hoops and full-circle styles as particularly fresh.

The movement for long and lean is significant in earrings that are super slender, shoulder dusting, and hung with mismatched adornments, says Gloria Maccaroni, director of brand development for Silver Promotion Service in New York City. While people were buzzing for the single earring last year, this season it’s all about modern, sculpted looks, she says.


Chain of Jewels

Levian watch image

Chain link–adorned fashions and jeweled chain links accentuated other looks on the New York runways, says Gizzi. Featured in a range of metal, some of the standout trends were over-sized links, bold circular shapes, and long layers of thinner chains. “The looks directly translate from runway to retail in a real way,” she says. “Chains can be layered, but are significant enough to stand alone.”

The trend also embraces “unusual” links, such as styles designed with round and elongated circle links in bands and pendants, as halo frames, and in watch bracelets.


Pearl Pushers

Little H pearl earrings

Pearls stood out as a major trend on the runways, says Maccaroni. Looks ranged from simple pearl necklaces and stud earrings to ornate pearl chokers and large hanging pearl earrings. Around the world, the pearl has surfaced as a key trend for 2020, and pearls have been pairing with silver for quite a while, she says, in affordable styles that are clean and modern, classic, and in vogue.

Captivating the next generation of pearl-loving women, Gizzi says, are big baroque earrings, diamond-dusted fashion pearl drops, and long pearl strands (think 30 inches and longer). Baroque shapes are sought after, no matter the pearl variety, says Kathy Grenier, spokesperson for the Cultured Pearl Association of America in East Providence, Rhode Island, as the organic shapes look fun and less serious than their round cousins.

Grenier also touts fresh new designs using many pearl varieties such as keshi; sweet small Akoya and seed pearls; natural color freshwater cultured pearls in lavender, pink, blush coral, and peach; and pearl mixes with Tahitian or Golden South Sea cultured pearls as well as gemstones.

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