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Jewelry Trends

To help you stay on trend with consumers, Associate Editor Irina Missiuro recently spoke with several experts in the industry about some of the looks they expect to be popular in the coming year.



According to Helena Krodel, brand strategist with David Alan Jewelry in New York City, neutral-colored diamonds will be taking center stage in the coming year. She cites black, champagne, brown, and gray as among the colors most likely to be trending with consumers.

When it comes to diamond shapes, she says that fancy-shaped stones such as baguettes are still going strong, noting that designers are challenging themselves by incorporating this shape into new and innovative designs.

Deborah A. Yonick, a jewelry journalist and regular MJSA Journal columnist, agrees, explaining that the trend is “fueled by consumers’ overarching desire for things that are unique, special, and personal.” She’s seeing more of such differences in design—be it tapered baguettes, rose cuts, gem slices, or novel settings featuring inverted stones with upward-facing pavilions.


Colored Stones

While no one can predict which colored gemstones will catch the eye of a majority of shoppers in the coming year, one area to focus on could be interesting color pairings. “Nuances in color evolve from season to season, but the real trend today is how colors are [being] combined,” says Yonick. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute in Carlstadt, New Jersey, agrees, noting that in recent runway shows, she’s seen unlikely pairings of complementary shades across the color wheel from each other: rose and green, purple and yellow.

And there is no limit to how far this trend could extend. Krodel suggests that the crazier your color combinations are, the more stylish your jewelry. Some pairings she recommends trying include black and blush, white and white, black and black, pink and chartreuse, and powder blue and hunter green.



When it comes to bridal designs, Krodel sees more untraditional styles entering the market, especially stacking engagement rings. She believes that their growing popularity reflects the desire of women to continue commemorating “life’s special moments,” including weddings, anniversaries, and the births of children. Many of these bands will be customized with engraved dates, quotes, or initials, or by incorporating birthstones. “Customization is everything when it comes to bridal,” she says.

Much to the frustration of many a jewelry designer and manufacturer, Yonick sees the halo maintaining its popular status. She recommends giving the style a makeover. Instead of the typical halo featuring a simple row of round diamonds, Yonick says designers can experiment with a double halo or halos comprised of different shapes, such as a round center with a cushion frame. Again, it comes back to the consumer’s continuing demand for “unique, special, and personal.”

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