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Design by Liz Sabol

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations to Liz Sabol of Liz Sabol Jewelry Arts in Pittsburgh, the winner of MJSA’s 2017 A Life Lost Too Soon Online Design Challenge!

This year we challenged nine designers to create a special gift for Jenny O’Leary featuring a set of three Sri Lankan blue sapphires, sourced from the project’s sponsor, Omi Gems in Los Angeles.

Our nine participating designers created pieces to fit Jenny’s lifestyle and personality, and beginning in January we posted every month a different designer’s vision, along with the story behind it.

In October, when all nine designers were represented online, we asked readers and viewers to vote for their favorite design, and Liz Sabol claimed the top prize. Our thanks to the eight other designers who participated in the project: Alex Boyd of Alex Boyd Studio in Denver; Jim Grahl of J. Grahl Design in Balboa Island, California; Karina Mattei of Karina Mattei in Brookline, Massachusetts; Ashley Morgan of Ashley Morgan Designs in San Francisco; Gina Pankowski of Gina Pankowski Jewelry in Seattle; Baiyang Qiu of BQ Jewelry LLC in Milpitas, California; Susan Wheeler of Susan Wheeler Design in Chicago; and Denny Wong of Denny Wong Designs in Honolulu.

Click here to review all of the designs and read the backstory—and check back in January to learn about the new design challenge we have planned for 2018, which features a suite of responsibly sourced gemstones from sponsor Columbia Gem House. The announcement will appear in the January issue of MJSA Journal.


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