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Ashley Morgan MJSA Online Design Challenge

Celebrating a Life Lost Too Soon

6: Ashley Morgan

When I design jewelry, I view my creations as little love story time capsules. I look at jewelry through the lens of a keepsake, and I try to tell a poetic story through my work. After reading Tim and Jenny’s heartfelt story, I knew I wanted to create a piece that captured the love they shared. Ultimately, I settled on a simple but classic right-hand ring that Jenny could wear everyday. When Jenny looks at her finger, she won’t just see a ring. She’ll see the way the sapphires glow with the same blue fire that kindles in the heart of every policeman—a fire that drives a man to serve and protect not just his loved ones, but to help all those in need.

I designed the ring in platinum because it’s a malleable metal that will wear well, and has a naturally gray tone that helped me envision dusky nights lit by the campfires Tim and Jenny enjoyed with their family. I’ve accented the metal with two hand-engraved inscriptions. Along the outside of the band, I’ve engraved “Ever thine, ever mine, through space and time” in a flowing script so it looks more like an arty scroll than defined words. While not obvious to the outside observer, the message would be a subtle reminder to Jenny that she and Tim will always be each other’s love, despite him being gone. In block letters on the inside of the band, I’ve inscribed lyrics from Tim’s favorite Bob Dylan song, Forever Young: “may your song always be sung.” It’s a message that will encourage Jenny to continue to raise her boys to have the same values as their father.

Finally, I’ve surrounded the center stone with a halo of pavé diamonds. I see them as representative of all the lives Tim has touched, and I feel that they’ll help reflect the sapphire’s true blue color. Originally considering bezel settings for the sapphires, I opted to use prongs; I thought that it would add depth to the ring to create prongs that resemble logs perched on a campfire, ready to be lit for s’mores and reminding Jenny of happy times. When she sees her ring, she’ll see her husband and all the love be brought into her life. Perhaps she’ll be reminded that he will always be a presence in her life, and that she’s never truly alone.

Ashley Morgan is the owner of Ashley Morgan Designs in San Francisco.

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