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Design by Liz Sabol

Celebrating a Life Lost Too Soon

7: Liz Sabol

I was excited to take on this challenge because my style lends itself to telling stories, and I knew I could find a way of incorporating images and aspects of Tim and Jenny’s lives to tell their story. Because I like pendants and believe they make a great canvas for storytelling, I opted to create one for Jenny. When she puts it on and wears it, it will always be close to her heart, which seems especially fitting for this piece.

I created the pendant in the shape of a subtle shield, as I didn’t want to make it too obvious. I worked to incorporate places and hobbies that are important to the family. At the lake they favored for fishing, there is a giant sculpture of a walleye, so I incorporated one into the design. Kayaking, camp fires, and toasted marshmallows round out the design.

Design by Liz Sabol

As I was designing the pendant, I thought it would be special for the boys to each have a piece of the story. I created two tie tacks that can be detached from the pendant so that each of the boys could later take a part of this memory piece with them when they’re ready to leave the nest. Since I view the three sapphires as representing Jenny and her two boys, I incorporated one onto each piece. Behind those tie tacks I added shooting stars, representing the boys as they go off into the world to make their way.

Liz Sabol is the owner of Liz Sabol Jewelry Art in Pittsburgh.

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