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Ring Design by Emily Phillippy

A Mission in Life

6: Emily Phillippy

After reading Lila’s story, my initial thoughts were of the silver band she’s been wearing. She has a meaningful ring for everyday life, so I wanted to create something that was big and beautiful. The first few iterations of my design were of a pendant, but I kept coming back to the idea of this as an anniversary gift. It should represent their relationship, and the pendant wasn’t significant enough for the occasion. Instead, I broke away from the necklace idea and focused on creating a ring, as it is a traditional symbol for engagements and marriages. With an anniversary ring, there’s no question as to what it represents and what it stands for.

I wanted the ring to be a beautiful statement piece, but one that would still allow Lila to wear her silver wedding ring. When designing the ring, I wanted to use all of the stones that Mark had sourced for the piece. I envisioned the ring as a future heirloom, and I liked the idea that one day their children would inherit this piece featuring stones that helped tell their mother’s story.

The stone choices Mark made were excellent, and they made designing the ring an easy process. The blue sapphires were positioned to create a subtle cluster effect, which represents the varied patches of their life together. I created the ring in 14k yellow gold because I love the way the color of the alloy complements the stones. You can’t pair yellow gold with everything, but I think it looks really nice with the peachy pink of the sapphires. Because I thought it important that Mark and Lila know the origin of the metal used in the piece, I opted to use Fairmined gold. With recycled gold, you don’t know where the metal originally came from, but with Fairmined metal, there’s no mystery.

Emily Phillippy is the owner of Emily Chelsea Jewelry in Philadelphia.

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